Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Selena Imania, (soon-to-be) Sarjana Hukum!

For the first time in my blogging years, I missed a month of posting nor update. June 2017 was a pretty hectic month for me as I have to prepare my thesis defense as well as to spare some time for Eid with my family and the extensive time it took to go around town and visiting my extended relatives. And honestly, this year's Ramadhan had taken a toll on me and I was not mentally nor physically able to withstand all the stress. With all those reasons, I cannot provide a single post in the month of June.

Then it came July! The month started with my dad's birthday that is celebrated at Kila Kila by Akasya and the week after is the date for my thesis defense. After some schedule conflict, July 6th 2017 becomes the day in which I will present my thesis titled "Juridical Analysis of Constitutional Court Decision Number 53/PUU-VI/2008 Towards the Nature of Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in Indonesia" for in front of faculty examiners.

At 11:00 I had come prepared for the presentation and by 12:00 I have the room ready for my trial. A copy of the thesis, check. Presentation, check. Printouts, check. Food and beverages, check. An amazing support system, check! My parents and my little brother came to support my trial, my college friends spare some of their time to help me prepare and helped me ease my nervousness and my friends from middle school also came for an extra cheer during and post-trial.

By 14:15, 15 minutes late from the arranged time, I proceed with my presentation. After presenting my theories and arguments, answering series of questions, and having my feet tortured from wearing heels for too long I finally got my result. At 15:20 with a little tease from the examiners and me crying from being a nervous wreck I finally got my result. I passed the trial with my thesis graded "A". I came out of the room crying from all the happiness and was greeted by loving friends as well as my mother (My dad and my brother went out of the campus due to boredom from waiting too long, lmao).

I AM SOOOOO HAPPYYYYY and super relieved. I am very thankful of the people who had supported me whether physically in Depok or through the messages and whether it is related to my thesis or for just being fantastic friends throughout my college years. I never feel so loved in my life. Thank you for all the memories, for all of your thoughts, for all of your prayers as well as for the gifts and notes that had been given. I am happy to be able to bring home loads of bags containing little trinkets from my friends (it is all now well kept -- well, aside from the chocolates).

And now, although I have to give my thesis draft some fix as well as to manage some administrative stuff on my campus at least my mind can now take off some of my stress. I know that the next step was to think more about executing other plans for my future but at least I want to take time for myself for a while. University has been quite a ride and it's almost the end of it that I can taste it. Until then, on to my graduation at the end of August!


(Picture credits are for @kikypulungan @juanrn26 @vaniazalia @emyr_shabir @ezioux @syarochan @lomstah @imafira,  THANKS FOR BEING GREAT PAPPARAZZIS GUYS ❤)