Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello Kitty, Delivery, and a Car

My three month holiday is filled mainly with gym appointment with my trainer since it is time to get into better shape. However it is hard for me not to cheat with food and I am stuck at home most of the time besides for gym because frankly I am out of transportation at most times. Delivery service becomes a savior for me most at these times, and what else is more reliable than the classic McDonald's Delivery through its signature hotline '14045' yet this time I did so through their online website But the actual reason is the fact that McDonald's is currently selling a limited edition 'Hello Kitty in McDonaldLand' doll. Also, Hello Kitty toys available with the purchase of Happy Meal.

Paket Nasi 2 - Ala Carte (IDR 31.000)
In the battle of 'which fast food chain has the best fried chicken?' I would probably say I prefer chicken from different store, yet I think McDonald's fried chicken goes most well with rice. This time I ordered ala carte as I got the drinks and fries coming from the Happy Meal package I also ordered.

Happy Meal - 4pcs McNuggets (IDR 32.000)
This Happy Meal did not came in its bag :( Quite tiny detail they missed, this time the Happy Meal were only served in a brown bag.. The McNugget is served alongside with a Sweet and Sour sauce, which I preferred rather than the Barbecue sauce. The package comes alongside with small fries and small drinks (not pictured). By the way THEY MISSED MY HELLO KITTY TOY. They got me a Plarail toy instead and the delivery guy did not bring other toy option; it is also said that the McDonald branch were out of other toy options. This has happen numerous times coming from McDonald's Fatmawati branch, the branch closest to my house -- which I'm pretty sure it is where my order came from. The branch is almost always out of toys.

McSpicy Chicken Burger (IDR 31.500)
In another battle of 'which fast food chain has the best burger?' I would prefer McDonald's burger over other branches -- I knew my taste were a bit questionable for most people HEHE. McDonald's McSpicy Chicken Burger were my favorite thing out of the whole menu. Always served fresh, hot, steamy and spicy, it always become part of my order. The burger itself is battered boneless chicken thigh with maayonnaise and lettuce in the middle of the two buns. Best thing on the menu.*

*But not the Korean McSpicy. You've been warned.

Hello Kitty in McDonaldLand (IDR 45.000)
Hello Kitty as Ronald McDonald and Hello Kitty as Grimace. Too cute!

This is the Plarail toy I did not expect.

At times like this I wish I can drive better (ha-ha), have an assigned chaffeur, or that I have a car for myself. One of the option I've been oggling for is Toyota Agya, practically since it is a pretty compact city car. My family had been a loyal customer of Toyota product (really, see the garage!) yet the car were mostly manual -- a bit harder for me to control. The Toyota Agya comes with a solution is also available in both manual and automatic gear. Look at its official website for the complete specification of the car here. There were plenty of colors to choose from as the exterior of the car and the Blue Metallic one is the most interesting for me, by far. See the pictures below to see a glimpse of the product, retrieved from the product site.

Toyota Agya comes in a fairly reasonable price yet with great engine that would not take up large amount of gasoline in its run; adapted properly to today's economy where the gas prices kept on getting higher and higher. It is also said to be more environmentally friendly and is supported by local parts, encouraging local mechanics and automotive development. The price is also more affordable than many of the preexisting city cars and even suitable as an entry-level car. It is perfect even for you who are starting out a family since the car is spacious, safe, and stylish. It has an ISOFIX for optimum safety to attaching your child car seat. The car's feature had honestly got me pretty interested. If you are too, visit Toyota Agya site, adore the 3D display of the car interios and exterior, download it's e-Brochure, visit the nearest Toyota car dealers and even have your own test drive. For more updates, follow @ToyotaID on Twitter and also @ToyotaID on Instagram!