Sunday, September 27, 2015

Carl's Jr. at Cinere

On a Saturday post a core training at the gym I was really hungry and decided to visit Carl's Jr. mainly with the intention of sitting down for hours enjoying their free drinks refills. I usually visit Carl's Jr. on a Friday for they have a 'Friday is Freeday' promo whereby every Friday of the month you will get a particular burger for your a la carte order of another particular burger. As of the month of September you will get 1 Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Sandwiches for every purchase of 1 Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger either for dine-in or takeaways. But this particular Saturday I was really hungry that I didn't bother to think of their promotion and ordered a set for myself that day.

Jalapeño Burger - Set (IDR 77.000+)
I ordered the Jalapeño Burger complete with small onion rings and beverage. Initially the combo contains french fries but I swapped it for onion rings instead because I really like the crunchyness of the batter and the sweetness of onion they serve here. The onion ring is seasoned really well like the typical appetizer you commonly found at diners. As for the burger itself  I liked the spiciness added to the juicy savory burger; I surprised myself because I've grown to like burgers because of Carl's Jr. since most of the time I won't even eat burger at once in all its good layers but instead will pick it layer by layer. I really liked their burger wholly and in this case the jalapeño peppers really add another layer of flavor.

Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger (IDR 49.000)
Diggin in my archive I found a picture of this Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger that I haven't got a chance to post yet. Taken at the same restaurant branch, this one particular is unique as their cheeseburger is topped with a slice of pitted pineapple. I really like this one because of the interesting sweetness from the pineapple really compliment the burger. Its sweetness is still 'polite' and its texture were very soft; I'd rather have pineapple on my burger than tomatoes any day!

The service I've gotten here were very nice despite Carl's Jr. being a fast food restaurant. Even though the burger took about 10-minutes to serve and that your drink is self-service the staffs were really nice and polite, they will offer you help to take condiments or drinks happily. The place were also neat despite having so much younger customers playing around their playground (yup, they got a playground inside the restaurant). What else? They also have salt and pepper available on the table alongside with tissue dispenser and that's a great detail every restaurant should have. I hope Carl's Jr. get more recognized in Indonesia as of how big it is in the U.S. Will definitely come again as post-workout guilty pleasure ;)

Carl's Jr.
Cinere Bellevue
Upper Ground Floor
Jl. Merawan No. 84
West Java
+6221 1500992