Friday, July 29, 2016

Chick 'N Roll from Kemang

 Bonchon Chicken Indonesia has now turned into Chick'N Roll assuming the end of their franchise agreement with Bonchon Chicken. All of their stores are now transformed into Chick'N Roll with some of its stores still under construction. The then Bonchon that was identical to the color red and white is now turned into a restaurant decorated with mainly yellow and black. The restaurant serves a similar menu to Bonchon -- you can still find the Original Soy Sauce and Spicy Korean Sauce on Chick'N Roll current menu under a different name. I visited one of their store in Kemang Village but the pictures on this post are mainly from take-out boxes from the joint. I tried all the flavors and I'll tell you about what I think, listed from my favorite to my least favorite flavor. 

For all the flavors, I picked out their wings. A set of four wings (wingette, drumette and wingtip all intact) is priced at IDR 53.000.

Thai Garlic
The Thai Garlic is simply Bonchon's original chicken sauce. The chicken and the sauce were served similarly to how it was before: twice-fried chicken is coated with your choice of sauce and was fried to order. After trying out all the flavor, my favorite still remains with the now so-called Thai Garlic sauce. The flavor was pretty much the same so you won't be missing the Bonchon-type chicken anytime soon.

Madagascar Madness
Madagascar Madness is the retitled version of Bonchon spicy chicken. It's still as spicy, sticky and salty as it was before. I was still set on the Bonchon original recipe as my favorites. Other flavors newly presented by Chick'N Roll were certainly interesting, but it has yet topped the previous menus. P.S. the chicken pictures above is a set of 2-piece of wings with Seasoned Rice (IDR 33.000). The seasoned rice was basically rice mixed with nori (seaweed) flakes and it turned the color of the rice a bit green -- a good flavor option, but it made the rice a bit more crumbly.

American BBQ

The American Barbecue sauce gives a hint of smokiness and its sauce has a pretty strong tomato-based flavor in it, making the chicken sweet yet at the same time savory. The barbecue sauce also seems to be the kind of sauce you can drench yourself in as the sauce were thicker than the other coating options.

Mandarin Flare
The Mandarin Flare is a sauce that is both tangy and spicy. I don't think this is as spicy as the Madagascar Madness sauce was because the sourness helps with the spiciness and there was also a bit hint of sweetness with this one!

Hawaiian Mustard
The Hawaiian Mustard sauce is pretty sweet, coming from the honey glaze -- I cannot taste anything from the mustard be it some tanginess, spiciness, or even the smell of mustard seeds from the sauce. Regardless the sweetness was a pretty good flavor still but the flavor might get a bit boring after a couple bite. 

Brazillian Honey
My least favorite one because it's just too sweet... and sour. It just tastes a bit weird and it was not the crowd favorite, at the end of the day there were the last pieces remaining. I just don't think the sweetness and sourness are balanced enough and I wish they put more salt or some more base flavor in it. Yet color-wise it was the most appetizing as it enhances the golden brown color of the fried chicken.

I look forward to Chick'N Roll catching up to its previous Bonchon success in Indonesia. They were officially launched by July 28th and were still up for certain improvements here and there but their old-but-revamped-menu, as long as those are consistent, will keep the loyal fans of the previous establishment to the service and staffs were also pretty much the same.

Chick'N Roll
Avenue of the Stars (UG) 
Lippo Mall Kemang
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36
South Jakarta