Tuesday, July 19, 2016

OJJU K-Food Indonesia at Kasablanka

Last weekend +Vania Boediman  sent a screen capture of an Instagram post featuring Ojju's signature dish and we got so curious to try it out. Fortnight from that day we finally visited Ojju that just opened four days prior to our arrival. We came after lunchtime and many of the tables were filled with sizzling pots of dishes. Excited, we then began ordering.

Rolling Cheese with Chicken Wings (IDR 99.000)
On the burner which is placed in the middle of the table, the order came with a big plate of ready-to-eat fried chicken wings that is coated with a spicy gochujang sauce on a bed of potato wedge and it is served in a pool of mozzarella cheese that is topped with sliced jalapeno. The mozzarella cheese came in shredded form and it slowly melts as the plate is heated on the burner. The server helped us in serving the dish, taking a big string of melted mozzarella then and spun the cheese to coat the chicken. The rolling part was a magnificent sight and got us drooling all the way. The flavor of the dish was also really delicious, whether with or without the cheese.

We were firstly planning out to order the Rolling Cheese dish with a Budae Jjigae to share but we were warned that those can be too much for the two of us. Following the warning, we were both surprised and delighted with the portion of the dish coming to our table. As we begin trying out the dish, the server were also cooking it on the spot right in front of us and offer whether we want to try out rolling the dish by ourselves before excusing herself.

Fried Rice (IDR 29.000) 
The fried rice is sort of an add-on to the hot plate dish we ordered. The fried rice is basically a mixture of gochujang, steamed rice, seaweed as well as an egg. We were given an option whether to have the fried rice cooked with the Rolling Cheese dish or to have it cooked in the same pan of the dish after we finished it off. We opt for the latter and the server then helped us cook the fried rice on the sizzling pan that has some remaining cheesy sauce from the previous dish. My only wish for the fried rice is to have available add-on protein as toppings aside from mozzarella because it can definitely get some more flavor from that.

Beef Ramyeon (IDR 59.000)
The beef ramyeon consists of Korean noodle served in a spicy broth cooked with such of garlic, onion, and topped with beef sausage, smoked beef as well as kimchi and beautifully cooked half-boiled egg. This is the first dish to come out and as we ate this latter when the cheese dish was ready, the noodle had gotten a bit cold and we did not do it justice :( Nonetheless it's still a good dish with all the components go along together.

Martabak Bingsoo (IDR 39.000) 
In all honesty, we got this dessert for free by posting a picture of one of the dishes we had on Instagram hehe. You can pick this out of the many variants of bingsoo such as durian, chocolate, es teler (I know -- so unique, right?!) or so. The bingsoo variety was pretty interesting but we opt for the Martabak Bingsoo with chocolate sprinkles and shredded cheddar cheese on top of the shavings of milky ice served with dry ice on the glass to keep the temperature cold.

Corn Tea (IDR 22.000)
For the price, you will get 1.2 liters of corn tea or oksusucha on your table. I ordered it cold and really loved how strong the corn flavor was. If I were to describe it, the tea has a similar flavor to corn flakes.

The dishes we had were delicious and the service was really good. The table arrangement was typical to a South Korean dining place with the eating utensils stored in a cabinet compartment under the table that you can easily slide. I'm seriously considering coming back here soon because the dishes really have good value for money. It really exceeded my expectation and hopefully yours too.

Kota Kasablanka
UG Floor No. FSU 35
Food Society
South Jakarta