Sunday, August 14, 2016

Double Pots at Cilandak

Double Pots offer a variety of soup hot pot and selection of its toppings, that you can order per person or to be shared with the people on your table. Double Pots also offer a selection of side dishes and one of their signature combination is to pick one soup (with pre-adjusted topping) and one choice of a side dish that is served at the same time on two connecting burners, served with rice.

Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup + Salted Egg Yolk Prawn (IDR 90.000)
I ordered the Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup with Salted Egg Yolk Prown. Both meals came hand in hand and the soup was piping hot. The soup was definitely spicy moreover it was also tangy. There’s a good enough topping to go around such as noodle, fish cakes, corn on the cob, lettuce, beef, mushroom, noodle and tofu. The pot was a good portion for one but some of my friends ordered more and another were too full to finish it. As for the salted egg prawn, it consists of prawn coated with the batter that is lightly fried and then cooked alongside with the salted egg sauce that includes  the salted egg yolk itself, chilis, kaffir lime leaves and garlic. I liked the prawns more than the soup itself and one of my friends said he would “rather buy two portions of the salted egg prawns than the soup”.

Curry Fishball Hot Soup + Salt and Pepper Squid (IDR 85.000)
Salt and pepper squid is one of the other side dishes which came with plenty of garlic to go around. The squid was fried until golden brown and then mixed with the garlic, chili, salt and pepper as its seasoning. I like this dish but the flavor doesn’t seep through the squid itself. As for the curry soup, it was a South East Asian-type of curry which flavors are similar to a laksa and the topping for the set is the same for all the soup you choose. The soup has a nice touch of acidity yet still rich at the same time. The dish also comes with a bowl of steamed rice.

Korean Spicy Hot Soup (IDR 70.000)
This is the size for the a la carte soup dish. The toppings are pretty similar to the ones on set but this comes is a different dish, which also comes in a bigger portion. I didn't taste this one personally but the thing about Double Pots is that the image on the menu was not reflected well upon the service -- it just looked sloppy.

Although Double Pots have some interesting and tasty dishes, some of it were a miss while others are successful. I really liked their concept of serving personal hotpot for one with a good price. You can also modify a lot of things by adding toppings or by ordering the side dishes as a la carte. Service itself were pretty okay but at the end of the meal the cashier mixed up another table’s bill with mine so it causes a lot of confusion. Another time I came in at 10.30 and they don’t have the produce ready for service. I hope they will improve their service and to keep up the quality of their meals because I believe Double Pots have so much potential with many rooms to grow.

Double Pots
Cilandak Town Square
1st Floor 132-134A
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 17
South Jakarta
6221 29704981