Monday, August 22, 2016

Nolita Coffee and Comfort Food at Kemang

My friend +Nadira Sjarif and I were looking for a place for brunch and I decide to try out Nolita at Kemang Utara after seeing people taking pictures in their famed blue wall (the designated parking lot were located next to the restaurant so that people can freely take pictures with the murals on the restaurant’s wall). It was a Sunday and the first floor was basically empty, but the upper floor was filled with a party coordinating a birthday surprise. You can easily spot this place from the wall or by its black and white sign. 

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Pancake (IDR 65.000)
Chicken and waffle are one of my favorite combo meal although I would eat the two separately, but it feels food have two meals on one plate. I ordered Nolita’s version of the chicken and waffle but replaced the latter with pancakes instead because let’s all admit that eating a piece of waffle is more of a hassle than cutting into a pancake. The complete menu is named Buttermilk Fried Chicken Pancake/Waffle with Butter and Maple Syrup. The dish itself consists of two stacks of pancakes, two pieces of breaded chicken, a slice of butter, creme fraiche and maple syrup. I really like how flavorsome the Southern-inspired chicken was as the batter gives flavor to the whole meal and that its seasoning seeps through the dark chicken leg meat. The pancakes were also delicious, it was fluffy and served warm on the table. The portion was plenty and totally worth the price.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce (IDR 85.000)
The piece of John Dory fish is coated with beer battered coating and served with french fries and tartar sauce. I didn't try this one but Nadira said it was pretty good.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk Milkshake (IDR 45.000)
This is pretty much your average vanilla milkshake with added peanut butter. I really like this peanut butter milkshake especially because they add crunchy peanut butter into the mix. The drink is not too sweet and it had a variety of texture coming from the peanut butter.

Haiiii Naad, I chose this photo because I basically lost the other two pictures.

I think Nolita is a good pick for our little brunch that day, the service and the food were pretty decent and the famed murals were really interesting. I, unfortunately, didn't get anything from Ladies Who Bake, though -- should've got their Homemade Apple Crumble that day, knowing that this restaurant is owned by Rianti Cartwright whom owned Ladies Who Bake respectively, and her husband Cas Alfonso. The restaurant is named after the Nolita area in New York, which is an abbreviation of North of Little Italy. Overall it's a good visit and it was a comfortable place to hang out and it honestly have good music playing all day, which is another plus.

Jl. Kemang Utara No. 19C
South Jakarta
+6221 7183039