Tuesday, September 6, 2016


September 6th, 2016

Currently, I am writing this in my apartment over Burgemeester Oudlaan in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It's been one month since I flew from Jakarta to Amsterdam and now I had just started my first week of my seventh semester of college at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I'll be spending a whole semester here and I will be back by 2017 to finish my law degree back in University of Indonesia.

I have yet to post a lot of thing for the past month as everything has been so hectic and filled with nerves and anxieties, so I only had been able to post a couple of posts that I had prepared from Jakarta and that's it. But from this on forward, there will be update for my travel and experiences in the Netherlands and around. However don't be surprised if there are some post from the past that had yet been published and was still stored on my draft posts.

I haven't been writing on the blog, I've been writing in my own journal a.k.a diary and it is a pretty good writing exercise. I'm almost 31 entries in and that might be one of the reasons that I seldom post anything recently. Oh well... to new adventures!

I am excited and I hope you are too.
Here's to another chapter of my life and to the variety of content on the blog.