Saturday, August 26, 2017

Graduation and Earning My Bachelor's Degree!

It's official! I am graduating with a bachelor degree in law from the University of Indonesia. I can now proudly introduce myself as Selena Imania, S.H. Sounds legit, right? Haha. After four years of great struggle from the sleepless nights, great debates, depressing self-reflections, increased bloating, being broke and as I last checked I gained tremendous weight and my acnes are coming back. I hope that is all worth all the investment, prayers, effort and hopes for the future with this big milestone. I am glad to have earned it the way I did with my best effort alongside with great peers that are walked through the same path with me together during my university years. To my dear parents, this is as much as my degree as it is yours, thank you for your great support that has taken me this far in life. I hope I did make you proud and even prouder in the future.

My graduation date falls on August 25th, 2017. It was one bright afternoon after Friday prayers where my parents and I walked to Balairung Universitas Indonesia with me wearing my graduation robe with the red ribbons all over the yellow collar; yellow as the main color of Universitas Indonesia and red representing the faculty color. I am the second in my immediate family to have graduated from this very faculty--the first one being my older brother who had graduated 6 years earlier and this moment feels as notable as it was years ago; all these processions are both familiar and all new at the same time. It was one great roller coaster ride within the last four years of my life, but I am really really happy that it's over. Now I'm glad that it's all done and that I can start a fresh new chapter in life because I need to get back on my feet and be in my prime before job hunting season begins. 

The graduation ceremony is jam packed with five thousand graduates whom each brought their parent(s) and loved ones alongside with great supporting crews waiting for the ceremony to be over and to greet the graduate while bearing gifts or to welcome them with hugs and expression of support. There was also a sea of new students who provided the chorus to accompany the whole thing. It's more of a tradition really, and a really hectic one. With all that many people in one place getting here and there and coordinating with one another gets hard. Even phone signal was hard to find since there are too many people using the lines. Really if I didn't have to pay for all those graduation shenanigans I'd rather not come and just come in for the dress rehearsal where everything is much more quiet, lol. More photos taken during the dress rehearsal will be uploaded soon!

I am glad that I've met many of my friends across the faculties although only in short meetings from random encounters in random spots around the Balairung. Unfortunately, I didn't get many chances to meet many of my other friends outside the ones from my faculty. Had to miss a lot of group shots since I also left pretty early to avoid the Depok to Jakarta traffic as well due to the fact that I was just deadass tired from two whole days of practicing these formal processions and what seemed to be an endless photo shoot sessions. However, I am most happy for having my family being with me on this special day, commemorating my last step before getting into what people refer to as the 'real world'. I am so glad that my three older brothers are willing to take their time off work and come to campus, traveling from Jakarta and even one of them trying out the Commuterline for the first time haha. It was a special day and if I could change some things I would: use more comfortable shoes, bring a spare sandal, have my little brother and sister-in-law present to complete the family picture, as well as to take more time to meet more people. But even then I was really happy and am excited of what's next to come.

Did the makeup by myself by practicing almost daily in the last two weeks. 
I don't wear makeup on most occasions, so this is quite an achievement for myself haha.

FHUI 2013 and FHUI 2007 represents.

As the Depok skies are getting clearer by the afternoon and serves as an amazing sight to everyone that day, it becomes an extra blessing for my last official day on campus. As my family is driving back to Jakarta we were accompanied by the beautiful skyline that I am so thankful of. I am also so glad to be able to enjoy a dinner feast right after the ceremony for we were all hungry and tired. Spent the special night eating out at Sulawesi@Kemang and at the end of the day both my heart and stomach were filled to the fullest. 

Thank you everyone who had make this possible. I am eternally grateful.