Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer Snapshots

This year's summer is when my life is at a turning point. I'm reaching another milestone in my life, graduating from university and obtaining my bachelor's degree in law. There are also fundamental changes for the people around me and I just want to dedicate this post for one of the last summer of my life, not exactly summer as how the Indonesian season as it has a different period as it was in the other part of the hemisphere--but I'm pretty sure you know what I mean. This is one of my last actual vacation in my youth (though I did spend it mostly by catching up with friends as well as catching up with television series, box office movies, and current game updates) before the adult world come into sense when I shall start with my career and professional work. Well, cheers to working on my resumé and waiting (ehm, hustling and bustling) for job offers!

And here are pictures of some of the pictures of my summer, ones were taken with my film camera that I just bought before my thesis defense and before the holiday 'season' actually started.

More pictures on my second Instagram account, @yourresidentnerd dedicated for my test rolls.
Some other pictures are too embarrassing to post -- the shameless poses, the quality of the amateurish shot, the photography skill, the abundance of narcissistic portraits. Here's to an even better life forward.