Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bank of Blood Milk Beverage

In the past couple of years there were growing amounts of bazaar around Jakarta selling various types  of goods, including food and beverages. Many people are now focused on going to these bazaar for the sole purpose of buying some food and beverages, including myself. But with the rising  competition, it is harder to go around for a look and it is best to go to a bazaar with some booths in mind. After looking at pictures of Bank of Blood multiple times on Instagram, I gotten curious and so I decided to try their product that I bought during AgendaJKT event at Kemang Village.

Minions Blood - Banana Flavor (IDR 35.000)
This banana flavored milk is titled 'Minions blood' due to the color of the drink fitting the Minion character, banana as their favorite food and the color yellow that can both be associated by banana and the color of the Minion itself. The description of the 'blood' is on point. I really like the banana milk as it is sweet and true to the banana flavour, but to the others it is said to be a bit too sweet.

Hulk Blood - Green Tea Flavor (IDR 35.000)
The Hulk Blood beverage is made out of green tea flavored milk. The matcha flavor is very subtle and the drink was not too sweet. My brother like this more in comparison to the banana one. The hulk blood by its description were said to provide relaxing effect and increased energy that is often associated with green tea. The color weren't too bold, meaning they don't use great amount of coloring in their beverage which can go two ways: first that it is healthy or that it looks pale and doesn't look so convincing. In my case Iwish the color were even deeper.

The straws were unique as it comes in a transfusion blood bag container. The straws can be easily opened and closed with a tic and added another uniqueness to this drink. As a fan of sweets I really liked Bank of Blood products, but some other may disagree as it is too sweet and gimmicky. In any case, I would like to try out their other flavors especially the red velvet as its red-colored milk really looked like some truly convincing blood!

Bank of Blood