Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tuku Toko Kopi at Cipete

Tuku is a little (and I really mean it by little) coffee shop in Cipete Raya that is located next to Alfamart, located on the same row of Sophie Authentique. Around the vicinity were also Toodz House, whose management is the same with the one of Tuku's. With its name and quality, Tuku has been catching up to its predecessor in serving quality goods, although this time Tuku offer mainly one product: a good cup of coffee. Priced at IDR 5.000 - IDR 35.000, the shop aims to serve coffees to all type of consumer; even for a non-coffee enthusiast like me. Even without any proper seating settings, the place is a comfortable place to chat on the bench, although admittedly not for a long time like people would do in other coffee shops as there was no table to accommodate you here.

Kopi Susu Tetangga - Small (IDR 10.000)
Kopi Susu Tetangga consists of a café latte topped with brown sugar on top. This is my brother's order and this is one of their most value-priced items on the menu. The coffee came in five minutes after our initial order. The coffee was aromatic and brown sugar adds a rich type of sweetness that helps me cope with the richness of the coffee.

Waffle (IDR 10.000)
Waffle is one of the side menu provided in the shop, with its slices alongside other snacks is placed on the display. When I came in there were waffles, fried bread and chocolate cake on the display but the waffle looked the most appetizing. I ordered two for my brother and I and it comes fluffy after the two slices were reheated and topped with castor sugar. The waffle, however, does not have a crispy outer layer that I expected and came out pretty mediocre.

Ginger Latte (IDR 25.000)
This is my personal order, a more creative coffee from the menu. Despite not being a coffee enthusiast it will only be right if I test out the coffee when visiting a coffee shop so I decided to order a milder coffee flavor and opt for a latte instead. The staff actually recommends the peppermint mocha, yet I was curious of this ginger latte and the staff promised me that the latte will be "spicy". I was convinced and the coffee in the end was really spicy! The flavor of ginger is not just 'hinted' but it will really hit you, especially on the throat. I added more sugar to make the flavor of coffee and ginger more subtle. The mixture of both flavors are not overpowering one another and really were aromatic, my regret is that why didn't I order the hot version of this drink.

Even with a single bench to accommodate a limited amount of people either waiting for their coffee take outs -- or dine in, which I did at the time since there was only one other person on the communal bench; Tuku has a nice ambience that is typical to what common coffee shop is like, only to be differentiated by its size as the concept of this joint is actual to provide take out rather than to encourage people dining in. With such a price and even free flow of infused water, Tuku is a nice place for a quick pitstop for a good dose of coffee. Would even love to try out their non-coffee beverages next time!

Jl. Cipete Raya No. 7
South Jakarta