Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lotteria at Fatmawati

The particular branch of Lotteria in Lotte Mart Fatmawati is the closest to my house and is one of the first Lotteria that opens in Jakarta, branching out from Korea. As the market is close to my house I often went here and at the same time visit Lotteria to get some food. Lotteria is located on the left side right from the entrance and can even be seen through the glass from the outside since it is placed on the front-corner of the building. This time I decide to document some of my usual order, and I often goes to Lotteria for they flexible payment options from cash to credit cards.

Special Chicken Set B (IDR 43.182)
The special chicken set consist of rice, coleslaw, one piece of hot spicy chicken, one spicy sweet chicken and one drink. This is a value meal since it comes in a good portion. The fried chicken always comes out hot and crunchy, both had a touch of sweetness and spicyness in it. When you eat the dish as a whole it's not too overwhelming since the coleslaw that is topped with tomato (and mayo, I believe) cut some of the heftiness of the sauce. I prefer the spicy sweet chicken more to its compartment, but the hot spicy chicken that is seasoned with gochujang were also a pretty good sauce to the chicken. The general idea of Korean fried chicken is just one amazing concept and it really suits my liking.

Shrimp Burger (IDR 25.455+)
I also picked out their Shrimp Burger à la carte, this is one simple dish and is a bit on the sweet side. The sweetness of mayonnaise in this dish is overwhelming the sweetness from the shrimp and the lettuce does not really do much. It is an okay burger, but they were out of their Shrimp Balls at the time and decided to change it up into this. The stock of the shrimp balls has always been a problem here since this is not the first time they were out of the dish.

I cannot say much about service since it is a fast food restaurant but the staffs had always been nice in greeting me and such. The place is also clean that there are no dirty tables as it were cleaned up pretty quickly. The price were reasonable and they have a lot of promotion which is nice. Also, they have electrical plugs in its rounded table, also completed with free WiFi service. It is good option for your hunger needs. 

P.S. the loud Korean music on the background can either be uplifting of annoying -- you decide.

Lotte Mart Fatmawati
Jl. RS Fatmawati No. 15
South Jakarta
+6221 75910888