Friday, November 6, 2015

Holycow! Steakhouse at Senopati (#CampSenopati2)

Happy 20th Birthday! (Part 1)

It was October 28th and it is my 20th birthday. It was a slow day at campus, I had a midterm test for the law of business organization continued by a seminar for my faculty's birthday that falls on the same date ninety-one years ago. Not really looking forward to eating anywhere, I decided to just go to Holycow! for some steak and to make a good use of their birthday promo. Redeem a free Hokubee Sirloin (200 gr) or Prime Sirloin (200 gr) by showing you ID card and wear a crown for your whole meal since you're the king/queen of the day! Yet although I did redeem the birthday meal, the steak itself becomes my mom's order because I'm planning to eat big and so does my brothers.

Ribeye Big Bites (IDR 145.000)
This is my personal order! The huge amount of ribeye cut of the beef were served as it there were two stacks of 200gr beef. Ordering ribeye big bites had been a hit-or-miss in my case as the last time I ordered this menu, I wasn't as impressed with the size. Yet this one came in a huge stack, seasoned really well that I didn't really dug into the other sauces. My sides were green beans and french fries, which I liked although on different days I would love to have spinach and mashed potatoes. The green beans are inferior to the spinach in my opinion, but the potato sides pick would definitely be dependent on my mood for the day.

Herb Wedges (IDR 17.000)
It was a Wednesday morning and while waiting for the rest of my family member coming in, we ordered the Herb Wedges to share. However, the wedges were out of stock so we opted for some french fries instead. It was some good homemade fries, but the stock seemed to be the problem of the day since the restaurant also ran out of spinach which were my favorite side of theirs :(

Sirloin Big Bites! (IDR 145.000)
Put the Australian prime beef selection, the huge 400-gram cut of sirloin steak were served alongside with green beans, french fries as the selected potato sides, a selection of Buddy's Special sauce, and some shreds of sweet corn. The sirloin steak were cooked in the right doneness, this particular was served medium. The fat were rendered pretty well but with the size, some amount of fat remains on the beef. It was an added flavor and time to time I wish I had ordered sirloin instead of other cuts, but savoring the fats is so sinful that I chose not to.

Wagyu Tenderloin (IDR 190.000)
This is the first time I tried out wagyu as a whole steak, I tried a little cut out of this and can really tell the difference of Wagyu beef and the usual beef that you can find at the market. It was definitely smoother and juicier which I really like. Holycow! being one of the places famous for serving affordable wagyu steak really deliver their signature at a pretty decent price. The mashed potato sides were also delicious, a bit more on the savory side -- my usual order but not for the night, as I was planning to eat big and the mashed potatoes came in a smaller portion that the fries. The seasoning was also done really well.

Hokubee Sirloin (Free!)
This particular 200-grams menu is initially priced at IDR 115.000 but as it is the complimentary birthday meal, this comes for free. I don't really understand of the 'Hokubee' cooking in concept, but they promised the beef to be more tender. It was definitely tender and a good meal with an appropriate size for one, except if you're a beast like my siblings and me that night mwahaha! Anyways despite my mom enjoying the rest of the complimentary meal, I still had the responsibility to wear a crown that were slightly too small for my head;p

Tiramisu by Misu (Free!)
The tiramisu in strawberry and green tea flavor also came in for free, as it is part of their deal that you will get one cup of tiramisu for tweeting about your visit to Holycow! The actual price of the tiramisu is IDR 16.500 and it came out as sweet soft layers of cream and cake that are served cold. I liked the strawberry flavor more and it was a good way to end the meal.

What I liked about Holycow! are their good food for good value and the free flow of selected drinks is also their good service? One of the best restaurant services I had gotten is in this very particular Holycow! #CampSenopati2 on my last visit which occur in August 22nd 2015 (I checked my Twitter history to assure the accuracy). This time, the service were also nice and attentive, but some of my sauce order didn't come out so that's a bit of a miss. I was overall very happy and pretty full after my visit, the free deal was pretty worth it and it is a good way to end the first night of being a 20-year old. Will definitely have Holycow! again, and I will keep on expecting excellent service from the staffs as well as some well-stocked spinach.

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