Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sushi Kiosk at Lebak Bulus

Sushi Kiosk is a little joint established by the same group of Sushi Tei, offering similar sushi product as the bigger establishment but the meal comes in already prepackaged. The food and beverages were put on display and you can just take it onto your basket to finally be purchased by the register. This is a fun concept as incidentally Sushi Kiosk in Lebak Bulus is located one floor below the Carrefour supermarket, their product were also available near the fresh produce section of the supermarket. After taking the meal of your choice and paying it at the cashier, you can have the food bagged and have it to-go or enjoy it inside the kiosk. The usual condiments like soy sauce, wasabi and ginger can be taken by the counter on the back and some are already pre-packaged for people who wanted to have the sushi to-go.

Sushito Otsu Mamino Set (IDR 115.000)
The sushi I had as pictured above and below is part of one package, namely the Sushito Otsu Mamino Set. I purchased this for IDR 64.000 because of their monthly promotion in October. It was an amazing deal since I got a portion of chuka idako, chuka wakame, chuka kurage alongside with 6-pieces of avocado ebiko makki. That is only the things pictured above

Within the same set as above, the package also includes three egg (tamago) makki,  two shrimp (bi) sushi, salmon (sake) sushi and tuna (maguro) sushi. With the plate above, these consist onto two menus. With the promotion, the menu becomes such a great deal. The dish itself were delicious considering they're not exactly 'fresh' and were placed on the fridge or heater -- depending on your meal selection for a couple hours, but don't worry as every package has its expiry checked on by the hour as well as a reminder for the ideal time for consumption. My main problem is the rice on the cold selection as it gotten too hard;  the crunch on the hot selection had gotten stale and lost it texture. Aside from that, the dish were good as it is although not to the par of the actual dishes that Sushi Tei offer.

Birthday Sushi (Free!)
I went here at October and at the purchase counter and the cashier asked whether or my birthday falls on the month of October -- slightly different than Sushi Tei one week before and one week after your birthdate promo, Sushi Kiosk gave out free birthday sushi based on your birth month. This complimentary dish is such a cute thing although it's not available for takeaway. This is made by the 'request' order and took a couple minutes to get to your table.

The staffs were very friendly so don't hesitate to consult them on their recommended menu. They would even nicely hold your purchase basket for you. Sushi Kiosk also have some decent promo and I would definitely come revisit anytime there's a good promo like this one. The Mogu Mogu Cubes I had? It comes in a buy one get one promo. The great news is they're always coming up with promotions and as the prices are inclusive of tax the checkout becomes a breeze. Good deal, good food, I might come here again tomorrow.

Sushi Kiosk
Carrefour Lebak Bulus
Ground Level
Jl. Lebak Bulus Raya
Lebak Bulus Sourth Jakarta
+6221 75911929