Monday, November 16, 2015

Indonesia Comic Con 2015

With this, I shall pass.
No, I was not one of the Exhibitor. Just got the perks of being one.

The first day of Indonesia Comic Con 2015 falls on November 14th, 2015. Right after hosting a seminar on foreign investment law and joint venture at my faculty (on a Saturday!) I went to Jakarta Convention Center with my brothers. I actually was looking forward into buying some local comics and just seeing the overall design of the event as the promotor is also the one who held New York Comic Con. Despite the initial confusion with Jakarta Comic Con that was held on late September, Indonesia Comic Con offers a good look into the world of both international and national comics, animation and cinematic scenes. A great portion of the participant was looking forward to Star Wars merch in anticipation for its newest movie installment, but a good amount of Western and Eastern pop culture blended well within this particular event.

One thing that is a distinct appeal of Comic Con(s) worldwide is the fact that it is a great media for comics enthusiast to express themselves through cosplays. Attending the event on a Saturday, the number of cosplayers were not as much as the ones coming in on a Sunday -- the convention's cosplay competition is held on the 15th. But even on Saturday I spotted a lot of familiar characters who are more than welcome to have their picture taken with you if you ask nicely. People really went all out and it is such a great sight that people had the liberty to do so through the means facilitated by this event. I spotted different characters from a guy sporting Naruto's signature jacket to a number of people dressing up as Superman(s) and Supergirl(s) going around in groups. 

Although there were not many people were sporting local comic characters, but the number of local participants by itself is a good growth in the Indonesian comic industry. Hopefully one day Indonesia can independently have its comic industry holding its own pillars and that the creatives are recognized worldwide for their amazing talents. Coming in and seeing things on up close, Indonesian Comic Con had given me greater hope. The event definitely delivers the highlights on the toys, games and comics, but I hope the event will get bigger in capacity and had even more to showcase.

Check out more on their official website here, their Facebook page, their Twitter handle, and Instagram page for recaps! Now let me enjoy some time reading some more comics I just bought :-)