Sunday, December 20, 2015

Amber Chocolate Bar at Senopati

By the time people are voting for their regional government candidates, I spent the Wednesday morning at Amber Chocolate Bar to try out their breakfast menu. I've been hearing good words about their desserts as Amber is owned by the same group as The Harvest so we decided to try out. Going in by the stair entrance, we were then greeted by the staff which gave us the option whether we would like to dine at the first or the second level of the store as the different floor has a different kind of decoration. I chose to dine in at their 'Library'-themed second level. It feels homier and more familiar to a nerd like me and it had a better view from the window while the first level 'Pastry Boutique' is more elegant and sweet with so many temptations by the display of sweets by the counter.

But if you really want to get a good view, opt for their third-level Sky Lounge. The third level of the building is actually closed during the day and will be open in the evening, but the staff kindly allowed us to have a tour to their third floor with their company. Amber also have like an added space as its 'fourth' floor although it composes of multiple seats in an outdoor setting that is only a third of a size of the other floor. I wish they had opened their third floor as the view would be even more amazing with glass door covering the whole room; they even have some more outdoor seating in the third floor.

Croissant French Toast (IDR 60.000)
The croissant french toast consists of a piece of butter croissant filled with pieces of cut apple and strawberries. The croissant is cooked in truly french toast as the bread is battered in egg wash and were grilled... or should I say 'toasted' to order and were served alongside with a quenelle of vanilla ice cream as well as another quenelle of chantilly cream and a sprinkle of chopped almonds. From the bits I've tried out, the dish came out pretty subtle. I wish it was even a little sweeter and that the croissant needs to be dipped longer in the egg so that its insides' moisture would get softer to create more texture.

Chia Pudding (IDR 65.000)
I. love. chia. pudding. I spent a good minute arguing with my mom whether 'chia seeds' translates into 'biji selasih' in Indonesian. I like to whip up a quick overnight chia pudding as it is just so simple -- you just have to add up bits of ingredients and wait for the chia to soak up the concoction of your choice. The particular chia pudding is simply mixed with milk and cream topped with strawberry, apple, mint leaves and raisins while  on the side there was a slice of toasted raisin bread, honey, milk as well as granola. The pudding is not too sweet, but clearly there was good creamy flavor but as for me the good drizzle of honey really helps elevate the dish.

Butterscotch Pancake (IDR 60.000)
A thick buttermilk pancake over a scoop of cherry ice cream and chantilly cream on top of a bed of fruit and some crumble. The pancake I think is a bit dry and were not too fluffy for its size. The overall dish goes well altogether but the pancake as the spotlight of the dish is the weakest part of the dish. The butterscotch sauce on the other hand is a delight! It is the one element that I think had the best amount of sweetness out of the things I tried out.

Caffe Latte 


English Breakfast

As my parents and I were ordering things out of their all-day breakfast menu option, we also got an option of complimentary beverages of tea or coffee. I had their English Breakfast tea, my father had a cup of Americano while my mom ordered a caffe latte. The breakfast menu is a good deal with a good amount of coffee and tea, we ended up leaving Amber feeling so full. Service were great and they're really good in taking in feedback in regards to their flavor -- but nonetheless their presentation is super pretty. I'm really inclined to go back and enjoy a good meal on their Sky Lounge some time in the future.

Amber Chocolate Bar
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 61
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
+6221 29044412