Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cutie Cats Cafe at Kemang

I am not a really a big cat person, but I went to Cutie Cats Cafe with my friends after much persuasion. This is my first time coming here, but I've visited another cat cafe before that is located not far from this one. Cutie Cats Cafe is located near ex-Splash Kemang on the second floor of their building and as you climb the stairs you will find a bunch of parody posters of hit movies starring some cute cats hehe. As for the place itself, it is not too big; there's a 15-person limit for the customer coming in to play with the dozen of cats to maintain the space and so that the cat will not be stressed out. There's an entrance fee, for the first hour we were charged IDR 60.000 and for the following hour, there will be a surcharge of IDR 40.000 for each adult on a weekday. Food and beverages available at entrance, right outside the playroom.

What I like about Cutie Cats is that customers can play along with the cats within the room using multiple toys and play set. There were also books and DVDs on cats that you can read along or watch for yourself in the room alongside with your feline friends. You can also get personable with each and every cat as there was a book guide on their profile, including their name, birthday, species type, and even a rating on their friendliness and activeness. I even found a cat-version of myself which I easily relate to! Hehe.

This one cat is the one that I said I relate to the most. His name is Fox and we're both born on October 28th! This fuzzy friend is a pretty cool cat that wouldn't bother to play unless there's food. He is pretty excited when we got some cat food consisting of shredded chicken (IDR 15.000) that we purchase at the counter and chased us around for that food. My friend said he is exactly like me as we're both lazy bums and would only go out to eat :p

Although I didn't try any of the food, the cookies available on the display is pretty cute! As for the whole vibe, my experience at Cutie Cats Cafe were great as there were much information about the cats and the staff were pretty informative. There were not as many photo props here, but I valued the time with the cats so much more. Hope my new feline friends stay cute and healthy. May we meet again :3

Cutie Cats Cafe
Jl. Kemang 1 No. 12F