Sunday, February 21, 2016

WMiitem at Kasablanka

My love for Miitem, established by the notable William Wongso, goes way back to my elementary school year. The name 'miitem' literally translates to black noodle and this restaurant offer their signature black noodle that is cooked in multiple ways, from adapting traditional Indonesian noodle dishes to foreign-inspired pasta dishes. I remember having this black noodle dish in Kemang Food Festival, then having it moved to Plaza Indonesia and now they only have one remaining WMiitem restaurant in Kota Kasablanka. I went there on a weekend with my brothers; the service was really slow at the time but I am happy to have a plate of WMiitem after so long.

Miitem Aglio Olio (IDR 38.000)
This black spaghetti is made with squid ink and bits of the squid meat itself, and their aglio olio dish is my favorite! A good savoriness coming from the noodle is complimented well with a good amount of garlic, olive oil, and chili pepper. This dish was also topped with slices of chicken and parmesan cheese. The noodle itself were cooked well, it is chewy and bouncy as it manages the texture well.

Almond Vanilla (IDR 31.000)
This is one of the specialty drink at WMiitem. Vanilla ice cream added with almond essence and blended until smooth. This beverage is pretty sweet and the vanilla flavor is more apparent, yet the fragrant of the almond essence is dominant as it hits your nose. I wish there were flavors of the nuttiness of almond.

Blended Moca Meringue (IDR 31.000)
Blended coffee, milk and chocolate drink. This drink is pretty sweet but you still can taste the hint of coffee. The meringue itself is the cream topped on the blended mocha drink.

Miitem with Tuna Rica-Rica (IDR 38.000)
This particular noodle is cooked with shredded tuna, rica-rica chili blend with a good amount of spice and squeeze of lime that results in a spicy and tangy dish. This was the fastest dish that came to our table and the smell of the dish was really appetizing, despite the end result being too tangy for my personal taste.

Mixed Cheese Flaky Pizza (IDR 42.000)
This pizza is most unique as it does not use the usual stretchy and malleable pizza dough but instead, the crust was really crispy batter, identic to those of a puff pastry is. The dough uses so much butter that you can feel the layer crumbling in your mouth. This pizza is topped with plenty of cheese and without any other sauces. Flavor-wise it is pretty monotone as the cheese were not sharp, but as for the texture itself it certainly is different and quite interesting.

It was overall a good meal at WMiitem, I am happy for the aglio olio while the rest doesn't excite me as much. I hope the coordination between the kitchen and the floor staff will get better as our food came out so slowly. As for the decor itself, the wooden furniture and the dark tone of the whole restaurant is fitting to the concept -- but don't worry there was a pretty big window that will give you good natural light and gave the restaurant more space. Will definitely crave more of the aglio olio for sure, as the quality of the food were really interesting as they really deliver flavor.

Kota Kasablanka
2nd Floor #246
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
South Jakarta
+6221 29612730