Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pastificio K at Kemang

+Marsya Anindita+Vania Boediman and I were spending an evening together and decided to have dinner. We went to look for another two restaurants before deciding Pastificio K which is located in  a little three-floor spot in one of the corners of Kemang Raya. The first floor is mainly the display for the array of fresh pasta, sauces and toppings in which you can choose to construct as part your meal. We dined on the second floor which were decorated with simple decor of white linen covering the table of the dimly lit dining area of the restaurant. Everything was pretty simple and straightforward in this Italian restaurant that is under the same management as Koi (which was also located nearby).

Gnocchi with Rendang Sauce and Mushroom - Starter
The pasta are available by two sizes, small starter portion and regular main portion. This one is a small plate and it is a good portion by its own. I really like this particular plate, the rendang sauce is pretty rich and has a good amount of spice but not overwhelmingly hot. The mushroom topping is a safe bet as it goes well with the whole dish. The freshly made gnocchi were also delicious, it is soft although not as puffy as I had expected. This one dish is my favorite out of the three we shared.

Pipe Rigate with Pesto Sauce and Anchovies - Starter
I wouldn't say that pesto sauce and anchovies makes the best combination but it was nevertheless delicious. This pasta is cooked al dente and the pesto sauce tasted fresh, although I would like it to be nuttier. The anchovies and spinach topping were truly salty and umami, but it is not overpowering once mixed with the pasta.

Spinach Ravioli with Butter Sage Sauce and Mozzarella - Mains
This one is my personal order and it was the most underwhelming. The pasta were very rubbery and I cannot taste much out of the filling. It was underseasoned that I added so much salt and pepper as well as chili flakes to the plate. Good thing it was pretty generous in portion and not at all bad, but it was certainly subpar.

The pasta in which you get at Pastificio K can also be bought by the kilograms to take home. Most of the pastas here are freshly made in their kitchen so their flavor were uncompromised. Aside from pasta they also serve limited amount of deserts which I were inclined to try out at the time, but ended up didn't. Service here is pretty standard as you only order your meal through the steps presented by the menu, order it and have it cooked to order. This one certainly is a good spot to enjoy a good variety of fresh pastas and Italian desserts.

Pastificio K
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72
South Jakarta
+6221 7195704