Friday, March 25, 2016

Soto Betawi Sambung Nikmat at Ciputat

Soto Betawi Sambung Nikmat offers a different type of soto Betawi, a type of soup dish native to Jakarta Betawi ethnicicty that is most commonly composed of a thick coconut soup with beef broth, chopped tomatoes, potatoes, green onion, shallots, alongside pieces of various part of beef. The soto offered at Sambung Nikmat is a little different, the color of the broth is bright reddish orange due to the added concentrate of tomatoes added in the dish -- giving it a sweeter and brighter flavor to the soup. The price of the Soto Betawi is IDR 70.000. Pretty hefty price for a traditional restaurant which you'll find along the street, but their plate of soup (you read that right, plate of soup) serves a big portion of beef and vegetables. The rice on the side ensure that you'll have a good dose of carbohydrates in case the potato bits is not enough for you. The soup is easily shareable for two.

The menu of this restaurant is pretty straightforward: soto betawi using beef cuts and/or its innards. I usually order beef alongside with slices of its lung to for the variety of texture and flavor within the soup. Everything is ready for plating, hence service is quick. The humble restaurant is open at 9 a.m. in the morning and usually will run out at noon, about on 13.00-ish. The place is not crazy crowded, but people kept coming in and out when I came moments after it is open. My dad said that the place will be packed during lunch hour so you better prepare to avoid the crowd. The last time I came here, the missus-owner were observing the service and warmly thanked us for coming after the service. It's a feel-good Indonesian restaurant. A good variety to Soto Betawi, and ain't Soto Betawi a one good dish!

Soto Betawi Sambung Nikmat
Jl. Ciputat Raya No. 2
Pondok Pinang
South Jakarta
+6221 7659053