Friday, March 25, 2016

Parc19 at Kemang

I always liked coming to Parc19 to enjoy their food. I like to come at the day as the restaurant has big windows which give great access to bright sunlight and a peek to its green outdoor area. This post sums up my latest visit there by myself, I was accompanying my mom and her friends for a while and decided to separate myself from the group and come to Parc19 alone to continue on several tasks from my college courses (#determined #committed #perseverance #thiswerenotreflectedonmygpa and also #loner). I enjoyed the variety of Parc19 dishes but I was looking forward eating their salted chili squid. I ordered it as I got seated down by their indoor sofa. The front of the house made sure I got everything in place and ensure I got the electricity plug working etc. etc. to get me comfortable.

Salted Chili Squid (IDR 95.000)
The salted chili squid is one of the proteins offered as part of the Asian menu. You can pick a side out of several options such as steamed rice, Hainanese rice or Hong Kong noodle. This particular side I picked were the Hainanese rice that is served alongside the salted chili squid on its top, as well as big pieces of stir-fried bok choy on the plate. I love the salted chili squid -- just enough spices with mainly chopped chili pepper and garlic blend coating the deep fried calamari. The portion may not look big in the picture (or in reality) but it fills me up pretty well. One remark that I have this time is that the Hainanese rice was a bit overcooked and the flavor of ginger wasn't strong enough. The added chili pepper given alongside with the dish helped a lot in this case.

I came at about 11.30 on a weekday. There's still not so many people inside the restaurant at the time but large groups came in from time to time. Service were all well and I like everything they have served up by far. Definitely a to-go place. The view is nice and the floor is well designed and spacious, Parc19 had always been a good experience.

Jl. Taman Kemang No. 19
South Jakarta
+6221 7199988