Friday, May 27, 2016

Kopi Kitchen at Kemang

Kopi Kitchen is located strategically nearby the bridge between Avenue of the Stars and mall building of Lippo Mall Kemang. I went to this restaurant pretty frequently and they have always been consistent with the size, flavor and its pricing were just right. Kopi Kitchen has two types of seating available: outdoor seats with wooden furniture and indoor seats also with wooden furniture and limited sofa benches. The door between the indoor seats to the outdoor seats looking out to the rails along the Lippo Mall Kemang Avenue of the Stars were always open so even you can still feel the breeze from the indoor conditioning reaching several outside seats. 

Buttermilk Chicken (IDR 68.000) 
The fried buttermilk chicken and its mashed potato and gravy sides has been one of the reason why I keep on coming back to Kopi Kitchen. The buttermilk chicken is aromatic and is cooked perfectly with crunchy batter on the outside and juicy chicken inside. The mashed potatoes were also creamy and the gravy on top adds a nice savoriness from the stock reduction well. I really like this menu for its overall flavor that goes deep to the bone. The cut of the chicken is always the red meat of a quarter of a chicken, which always consist of chicken thigh and leg (I don’t know whether other cut is available to order). If this were mass produced, I would probably choose this buttermilk fried chicken over and over. This simple dish is filling and it has a homey Southern-fried chicken taste all over. 

Buffalo Wings (IDR 55.000)
 I am a sucker for chicken wings, especially when it comes to buffalo wings. Kopi Kitchen does its justice as the fried wings were served piping hot right out of the fryer with plenty of buffalo sauce coating the crisped skin, glazing the chicken with a hot glaze of the tangy sauce. I really liked this appetizer menu. The only thing missing is the blue cheese dipping sauce but this can do well without so. 

Quarter Pound Burger (IDR 72.000) 
I didn’t try this burger but I did try out the french fries. It came out really crispy as it is cut thinner than the usual french fry you’d find on the market. 

Nasi Bebek Garing (IDR 78.000) 
This is one of the newest menu from Kopi Kitchen; a different variation to their Spaghetti with Sambal Matah and duck menu. This dish consists of garlic butter rice with fried duck served on top and sambal matah on the side with cucumber as a garnish-slash-palate cleanser. I really like the chicken as its skin were crispy (but not to a point that it become crunchy) and the duck fat were renderred really nicely. The sambal matah is well balanced, but I wished for more acidity as I tasted most of the garlic and not other spices within the blend. As I’m having this I grew more curious about the pasta version of this dish. 

Spaghetti Bolognaise (IDR 68.000) 
The spaghetti bolognaise here is pretty simple, it consists of spaghetti with minced beef cooked with tomato sauce and garlic among others and were served with a pile of shaved cheddar on top. The tomato sauce was pretty bright in flavor with good overall acidity and sweetness. 

Ice Milo Godzilla (IDR 42.000)
It’s simply a Milo drink but the vanilla ice cream on top makes all the difference. Super sweet, super rich and chocolatey. The malt drink really was a delicious treat to have here. 

Iced Tea (IDR 23.000) 

Yakult Green Tea (IDR 32.000) 
The yakult drink is both sweet and sour and very... yakulty. From the color you can see there were plenty of yakult drink mixed within the drink. The green tea adds the hint of bitterness on the back of your mouth and this drink is generally not too sweet. 

Honey Milk Tea (IDR 30.000) 
The milk tea was super sweet but for the same reason, I liked it. I can taste the honey flavor, similar to the hint of honey flavor you can find in little milk packages. The tea was also still fragrant but there’s more milk than tea with this drink. 

I haven’t had any bad dish here and I always left pretty full and happy. The food and the beverages were all well thought of and is suitable for all ages. Kopi Kitchen also serves delicious cakes on the display although it is a bit on the expensive side. Try out their Rich Chocolate Cake, my personal favorite with cherries inside! Service is also impeccable, I don’t have any complaint, really. Oh, except the one time I decided to have a waffle for take outs…. that did take a long time, hehe. Price does not include 10% VAT and 5,5% Service 

Kopi Kitchen 
Lippo Mall Kemang
Jl. Pangeran Antasari 36
Upper Ground OD-07
South Jakarta
+6221 295283