Saturday, May 28, 2016

Momi & Toy's Crêperie at Kemang

I want to firstly apologize that lately I’ve only been posting the foods I had at Kemang; even more that I had it in one same mall, Lippo Mall Kemang, over and over again. I should’ve provided more variety to the blog, I know, but currently I’ve been going home late for my moot court practices and I only have a few hours in a week to go around and Lippo Mall Kemang is one mall that is closest to home… and so, there you go! Hehe. I promise to have dishes from other places soon, but I cannot miss out talking about Momi & Toy's here.

I remember that Momi & Toy's open at Lippo Mall Kemang when I was a senior in high school and my friend freaked out at how good the crepe was and how creamy it is, similar to the flavor of Japanese crepes and that its decoration was also very pretty. But a coupe years later, this is the first time I ordered Momi &Toys for myself. I got seated by their sofa away from the big window facing the courtyard of the mall, waiting to watch a pretty random action movie that I fell asleep watching. Alongside my brothers and my parents, we decided to try out a few crepe and drinks to fill out the thirty-minute remaining time before the theatre studio is open.

Black & White (IDR 59.900)
This trio serves three variant of crepe filling that is rolled up and topped up with whipped cream and drizzle of its own respective filling alongside with one scoop of ice cream. The topping and the filling were (from left to right): Toblerone, Skippy, and Nutella. The crepes were very smooth and there’s a hint of sweetness in the crepe skin itself. There’s a good amount of filling in each one and it is pretty much the spread/slash/chocolate bar in itself on the plate; dusted with cocoa butter. My favorite were the Nutella, aside from its amazing flavor by its own, I think the heaviness were cut well with the crepe and the cream and the texture came out the best. Everything else is also delicious, you cannot go wrong with this trio. There were also texture from the almond crumble.

Momi & Toy's Original Fruit Tea - Iced
The iced tea infused with slices of lemon and lychee were said to be enough for three persons, but it was also plenty to go around the table and is a very good value for such pot of tea. I wished it was a bit sweeter so that the tea can enhance the flavor of the fruit.

Matcha Chocolate Cheese (IDR 19.900)
The green tea crepe batter is topped with grated cheese and chocolate — garnished with the same topping on top of the fold. This was actually underwhelming since I cannot taste any hint of green tea. This had potential but it, unfortunately, does not deliver.

Banana Chocolate Smoothie
The smoothie is a blend of chocolate syrup and slices of banana which is blended until creamy. The smoothie wasn't too sweet but the flavor of both the banana and chocolate were balanced.

Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie
This one is amazing! One of the best smoothie I had in a while. The blueberry yoghurt smoothe were thick, tangy, sweet and super rich. I loved this so much as it delivers in both quantity and quality.

I really liked the creamier crepe they offer and they were pretty generous with their filling, all suitable to the soft crepe they offer here. The service was pretty decent as I got out here in time for the movies.  Their ice cream was also nice and the price is also pretty decent and you can easily have the crepes to go and have it cooked to go. Overall it is a good place to enjoy sweet dessert crepes and several variant of savory crepes and this branch was also one of the more spacious ones so coming in groups wouldn't be any hassle here.

Momi & Toy's Creperie
Lippo Mall Kemang
3rd Floor
Jl. Pangeran Antarari 36
South Jakarta
+6221 29528385