Sunday, May 22, 2016

MonViet at Kemang

I was looking for food that is fresh and tangy one afternoon and decided to visit MonViet by myself and just enjoy some of their dishes. I was looking forward to trying out few more things but only end up ordering fried chicken as an appetizer. There were people constantly coming in and out of the restaurant that is decorated with painting of Vietnamese landmark but the flow were very nice. I sat calmly on the cushioned seats and carried on with my lunch.

Bun Buo Hue (IDR 76.000)
This bún bò or beef noodle soup is the signature beef soup from MonViet. It is a pho which consists of thin noodles in beef broth that is topped with bean sprouts, coriander, lemongrass and of course the beef slices. The broth itself tastes delicious and it runs clear. Adding a bit of chili sauce and lime also enhances the flavor of the dish. This, unfortunately, does not come hot onto the table so I didn't get the best experience out of this meal. Otherwise, this pho was as fresh as a soup can be.

Kalamansi Iced Milk (IDR 28.000)
Of course, I had to Google what Kalamansi is, but the waitress described it to it as one of the common types of lime in Vietnam. I decided to give this drink a try because of that reason and it tasted like sweet condensed milk added with lime. You'll get hints of lime as you're drinking milk and its basically the whole concept of this dish.

Canh Ga Nuoc Mam (IDR 42.000)
This dish Cánh Gà Nước Mắm translates as fish sauce chicken wings in Vietnamese. The execution of this dish was pretty simple, it is basically two chicken wings cut up into wingettes and drummettes marinated with fish sauce and tonnes of garlic alongside with palm sugar that is later fried until golden brown. The sauce came out pretty sticky and it has a very strong yet sweet garlic flavor in the dish. I didn't expect this dish to be as sweet as it was but I end up liking the flavor and overall texture of this dish. This dish is garnished with a little salad on the side.

I wish I had tried more dishes from MonViet but the ones I had left good markfor me. I actually enjoyed more of their non-mains dishes as they were unique and came in great varieties -- I particularly liked to order the platter of Vietnamese rolls. Service were pretty standard, my beef noodle soup came a bit too long compared to the other dish but other than that everything went out fine. I also think the price were a bit too much on certain dishes, but if you value flavor you'll get the quality you're paying for.

Lippo Mall Kemang
Upper Ground Floor,
Avenue of the Stars
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36
South Jakarta
+6221 29528439