Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fields and Farewell (Mecca Part 3)

Early in the morning, there was an optional tour program offering a hiking experience to Jabal Nur. I unfortunately did not take the option, but was told it was a pretty challenging hike. In the afternoon, the tour group goes to the Arafah field for dinner. On our way there, we passed the Jabal Tsur.

As we crosses through Arafah, we saw the point in which Adam and Eve met together after they have been separated after being sent from to Earth from heaven due to eating the forbidden fruit. The white pillar photographed below marked the meeting point between the two. The rocks were located before Mina, were campers resides during the second day of hajj in its season.

Upon closing the night and the Umroh trip, the member of the tours were dished out with huge platter of both kebuli and mandi rice topped with both mutton and chicken. It was served family style in a typical Arabian manner.

We then went back to our hotel and spent our last night in Mecca pretty full. The next day is the last day of the Umroh package for all tour members; but as my family and several others took the program with additional trip to Masjid al-Aqsha we would then be separated with the other members as some would go back home, some will continue their travel to Turkey and the rest is alongside with us to Jordan, Israel and Palestine. The last day is the free day for all the participant, and I spend it by shopping for souvenirs to bring back home in one of the Souks (market) in Saudi. As it is in Medina, many vendors in Mecca were also very fluent in Indonesian. Indonesian seem to be a great market segment around Middle East since many sellers are familiar in Indonesian and rupiah in many places including in Jordan and Palestine, too.

We bought several pashmina, headscarves, veil and dresses from the market. 

Before leaving, we were catered with Indonesian food that I assume is again from Rumah Makan Jawa Timur. We had grilled chicken,  chili, and orek tempe with kerupuk and the flavour were majestic! Never knew that deep inside I was actually missing Indonesian food, but the meal we got perfectly answered that craving :')

And to no surprise, we also bought ice cream at the airport.

At the evening, we depart to Jordan using Royal Jordanian airlines to then continue our travel to Israel by bus. The flight we took were using one of the most current airplane model offered by the airline and it was super cool and modern. From the table service, customizable window, spacious seats - everything about the flight was so awesome that I kinda regret sleeping in for half of the journey. But no fret, we are still a long way from home!