Saturday, January 24, 2015

Warung Sangrai at Pantai Indah Kapuk

Quail seems like a type of protein that has not yet been a common delicacy in Indonesia. Only weeks ago I found out that there is a restaurant in Jakarta which serves quail in Indonesian cooking technique and I was looking forward to trying it out as it would be my first time eating quail! I've eaten quail eggs before but it was concerning to consume since it was said to be high in cholesterol; but during a sheet of fun fact given by the Warung Sangrai social media team, the bird meat itself were low in bad cholesterol so I was pretty much relieved when I figured it out.

I came in the afternoon for lunch and the place is clean and decorated simply. The lesehan seating corner also seem to be a very cozy spot but I opted for the seat on the table. Upon reading the menu, the staff recommend us some of their favorite and suggested the French quail instead of the local quail due to the size and follow up her suggestion. Thank God I followed her suggestion since the bigger serving of a whole French quail is barely the even the size of a chicken breast. The whole quail seems to be in comparison to a quarter of a chicken or less, but flavor-wise and texture-wise it is surprisingly similar!

French Quail Gocap (IDR 29.000 + 2.000)
The sauce on the chicken is an additional Rp2000 on the quail and the 'Gocap' option stands for Goreng Kecap (fried soy-glazed quail) and is the second least spicy option they had there after the original. I wished I have more of the glaze, especially knowing that you add more for the sauce. But overall I really liked the dish and it goes well with rice! If only this could be spicier, or that the selection of sauce can be based on the glaze and then the spicyness? Just throwing some ideas out there.

French Quail with Cabe Ijo (IDR 29.000 + 2.000)
The green chili was very delicious in its savory and spicy goodness! It goes well with the fried quail and can easily be enjoyed as it is even without rice. Definitely the right kind of spicy for me, but my friend who actually ordered this said that it's spicyness is surprisingly very hot.

Tahu Cabe Garam (IDR 13.000)
Said to be everyone's favorite, the soft tofu coated with rice flour friend and sprinkled with chili pepper and salt were really delicious! Crispy, savoury, a bit spicy yet cut in bit-sized chucks, this truly deserves the honor to be the diner's favorite. Yet again, I would love to have more of the cabe garam for and bolder seasoning!

Nasi Putih (IDR 6.000)

Teh Jumbo Manis (IDR 8000)
The sweet iced tea really came in a jumbo portion and this comes from someone who drinks a lot during their meal. It took me a pretty long time to finish this and it was definitely the most worthy iced tea I've ordered anywhere. Super satisfied with this one.

It was overall a good experience of trying out quail for the first time. The service I got was splendid and there are plenty of promotion in the restaurant, but unfortunately I was too full to claim a free 'Es Sarang' for posting an Instagram picture of Warung Sangrai. Too full for freebies?!?! I even surprised myself and I blame the humongous serving of tea on that. Try for yourself for a good selection of quail and beautifully exeuted simple side dishes, the service and dish here would greet you for a great meal.

Warung Sangrai
Rukan Emerald Blok A No. 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
+62 21 98115733
+62 81 14131020