Monday, January 19, 2015

Shirayuki at Pantai Indah Kapuk

I visited Shirayuki Japanese Desserts and Bistro after finishing my lunch at Warung Sangria that is located upon the same row of the said restaurant. Shirayuki has been a hype in the last couple of months, especially around Christmas season with their ever popular snowman-shaped ice dessert. The place is still filled with people even on a rainy Monday in January, even during our visit there were some television crew recording around the place. We were seated by the window facing the parking lot and the street and was alluded by the gentle drips of rain; the decoration of the parlor that is painted blue and added with touches of wall ornaments in the shapes of snowflakes gives a really fun touch. I didn't get to see further to the restaurant that were bounded by nets attached with pictures -- sort of their 'wall of fame', but the seat we got by the window is more spacious that what I saw further on the inside.

I went to Shirayuki with a friend whom has visited this place earlier on and had tried out the snowman-shaped kakigoori titled 'Yukidaruma Matsuri' the place is famous for. She ordered one of their premium milky option and said it was too milky (I mean... d-uh) especially with its heavy portion of stacked rounded shaved ice. Being a bit full after our lunch, we decided to order one of the menu from their Fusion Series.

Fried Crunky Choco Ball with Marshmallow (IDR 35.000)
My friend was a bit surprised as the portion of the dish is contrast to the bowl of Yukidaruma she ordered before, but I think this is a good portion for one. As the name told us, the dish consist of a bowl filled with mini marshmallows and fried mars bar that is drizzled with chocolate syrup and sprinkled with almonds. The menu comes with a swirl of soft serve ice cream opted for their matcha ice cream to top the dessert that is placed upon a different serving dish. This makes it convenient since I prefer the two separated since the mars bars are such a delicacy by itself! The green tea ice cream although melts quickly were regardless delicious and not too bitter, which I really like. 

Viva La Cocoa with Chocolate Ice Cream (IDR 38.000)
As kakigoori is Shirayuki's signature dish (and the fact that we're not yet satisfied with out soft-serve ice cream that we shared), we then add this dish on our next order. The milky kakigoori was served in form of a ball of crushed ice poured with milk chocolate and chocolate ice cream alongside with stuffed mochi, jelly, red bean and almond. The star of this dish is absolutely their stufed mochi! It was rich and it plays with the texture as the chewy mochi was then filled with chocolate and added crunch from nuts inside. The kakigoori itself was also delicious and unlike my friend, I find its milky flavor very delicate. One thing about their snow ice is that it stays cold for a long time that we have to put extra effort to dig into the remaining ice, especially with the thick spoon they had as their cutlery.

It was definitely a fun experience trying out some of the menu in Shirayuki as I am now actually curious about the snowman kakigoori. The selection of savory dishes served here also seem very interesting, but too bad we're already full from the lunch we had earlier. Would love to try some more of the variations of meals served here!
Rukan Emerald No. 10,
Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
+62 21 24080570