Sunday, April 19, 2015

Post-Appendicitis Meals and Recovery

Last Thursday I have to underwent an appendicitis surgery since my stomach had been hurting for a couple of days and my appendix had been getting worse. The surgery came in sudden as the notice come as an emergency. I ended up staying for two nights at Siloam Hospitals and is now going through recovery. My brother then brought my camera on the second day as my surgery ended so I can spend some time taking pictures and so I don't feel uneasy being at the hospital.

Breakfast was such a relief because I have to spent 8+ hours fasting for the surgery. The first day I was in the hospital I only drank a cup of sweet tea after the surgery since I skipped good chunk of breakfast at home. The bubur sumsum I got for breakfast were such delight that I asked for the same menu on the next day.

For a day I would get three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as two session of snacks in the morning and afternoon. The snacks I got were delicious and quite enjoyable, especially the pastries -- far from my expectation from hospital food.

Lunch - Asian Option
As I shall slowly adapt into eating solid foods as my intestine has gone through quite some work due to the surgery, so I was advised to watch my intake for foods that would be hard to digest. My lunch consisted of the dreaded hospital porridge alongside with soup and veggies that were not my ideal. However by dinner I can got a hold of solid foods and some hearty protein, which I'm really happy about.

Dinner - Western Option
The thing I love about the meal here is that it comes with option! The western meal sounded the most appetizing for me hence I picked the menu. For dinner I got a plate of grilled chicken and mash as my main course. I was actually requesting for my lunch coming from the western meal option too, however it is altered into the Asian option during prep. It comes from three option of Asian meal, Healthy meal, and Western meal.

As my family members accompanied me during my stay they got some of their meal from the canteen by the lobby with menu ranging from fried rice, spaghetti, dimsum, to hainanese chicken. The hospital also got Imperial Cakery upon its entrance, and their chicken siumai were such a delight. Priced at Rp32.500 (incl. tax) for five generous serving of dumpling were so worth it; I even took some for myself even though the nurses has been warning me to not outside foods while staying in the hospital hehe. The bacang  or zongzi from Imperial Bakery however was a bit too sweet for my taste (yes, I sneak those too).

I honestly think the hospital stay wasn't bad at all! Although I have to miss a test and undertake a surgery, it has become a pretty unique experience for me. I was happy with my room and the view its offer, facing to the road of T.B. Simatupang. I am grateful for my family and friends for their support and wishes, as well for the hospital team for their care. With this post, I dedicate my thanks to all of the people who had supported me during my lows. Looking forward to getting back in good health!