Thursday, April 2, 2015

Yogyakarta, The Truly Special Region (Part 1)

After living in Indonesia for my whole life, I finally had the chance to visit Yogyakarta! Being my parent's penultimate youngest child I missed out many adventures they had while travelling Indonesia, but this time I finally am able to visit Jogja as well as Magelang to take a look of the Borobudur Temple. I started out going on a Sunday evening to Yogyakarta by train alongside with my parents, my aunt and my uncle. The train took 8 hour and I arrived at Tugu Station by the dawn and were greeted by a beautiful sunrise -- a view that I haven't seen for such a long time.

After dropping our baggage at the hotel, we enjoyed breakfast and then driven directly to Magelang to visit the Borobudur Temple. It took us about 2 hours to get there and it is traffic free; such a relaxing detail especially having gone out from Jakarta. We then arrived and directly went on admission for Rp30.000 per person which we purchase after looking around the Borobudur Park a bit. Coming in Monday certainly gives an advantage since the site were not crowded despite there are still many tourists coming in. We also rented a guide upon entrance for Rp100.000 yet worth all the information we got, and he was nice and thankfully a good photographer too!

After the quick lookaround to Borobudur Park and being surrounded by so many street vendors baiting for tourists, we then went to visit Mount Merapi as we got back around to the Yogyakarta Region. Since I went out with many elders, we didn't really try out anything yet we had some sweet plate of jadah tempe. The Merapi site were seriously breathtaking, yet unfortunately we only spent a while bit on the site even though I was excited to come and see the Museum Gunung Merapi.

We continued the day by visiting Kota Gede to learn about silver craftmanship and I bought some pieces for myself too after learning the appreciation to the particular art. Nearby the local artisans were also Monggo Chocolate shop and since my cousins were requesting some of its chocolate as a souvenir, we then went to the little shop /slash/ factory which at the time were decorated by pink accents and heart shaped ornaments since it was near Valentine's day (now you know how late this post actually is). I was actually not a big fan of chocolate especially the dark chocolate Monggo mainly offer, but I was pretty happy that they got some new white chocolate option released. 

After purchasing some hefty dose of chocolate, we decided to go back to the hotel considering that my family members had gotten pretty exhausted from such trip. As the only junior I reluctantly agreed to end this day's trip yet still are pretty excited for the next day; especially that we're also going to visit a bit of Solo to mourn for my late grandparent to then be continued with our flight back to Jakarta to end the trip. From the hint I've gotten today, I can really see how charming Yogyakarta really is up close!