Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Platter of Cake-A-Boo from Pantai Indah Kapuk

My friend Kiky is having her 20th birthday this week and my college buddies has been planning to throw her a birthday surprise after class. As we thought that bringing round cake is getting pretty repetitive, my friends decided to buy several cakes from Cake-A-Boo a day before conducting the master plan. I was so excited to hear this news since I've been wanting to try out the cake shop since its opening -- yet only then I was finally able to try some of the menu out, thanks to Melisa for bringing the cake from Pantai Indah Kapuk to Depok safely.

The surprise were pretty simple, a group of people participated in the attempt as my friend was having her dance pratice. Then... ta-da! The cake was brought upon her and there were a little performance for her as there were guitar playing along to people singing to Taylor Swift's 'Style'; a song by her favorite artist.

Hugs and thank yous were thrown here and there. The birthday girl herself seemed pretty excited about the cake and it was only minutes after that people begun to dig in with the cakes. The five little platter of cakes were then shared. Luckily I got to try out bits of pieces from all of them. Keep in mind that the cake has been safely kept for almost 24-hour by room temperature.

Dice Cake (IDR 25.000)
Vanilla sponge cake layered with marshmallow and oreo. It was a good sponge cake but nothing special (and kinda disappointed that the dice spots are not present in every visible sides) since I did not get to taste any oreo or marshmallow texture and flavor within my bite. Oh, the perks of sharing :)

Mini Bomb (IDR 40.000)
Chocolate sponge cake, hazelnut mousse and a said 'surprise' which are colorful chocolate candy which I cannot find within the cake. Regardless the cake were very delicious! The hazelnut-chocolate combination can never really fail and this one takes it up a notch by its unique shape and plentiful portion.

Volcano (IDR 35.000)
Chocolate crumble cake covered by chocolate mousse, drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauce. The mousse were really fluggy and sweet; the shape actually holds up which really amazes me but the crunch is almost non-existant in my opinion. The questionable thing is to the clear jelly-like thingy topping the volcano (supposedly the eruption) that does not really serve any purpose to the dish besides for the aesthetic aspect.

Cheese Trap (IDR 35.000)
Although not pictured clearly, the cheesecake is presented with white chocolate bordering the cake. The top of the cake was spreaded with peanut butter, however I didn't taste its peanut butter bit since the part were placed for the candles. Yet the cheesecake itself is a delight; it is soft, sweet and milky at its best. I liked its combination with white chocolate that were easy to cut. The taste does not detoriate although its is left unrefrigerated since morning. This was my favorite by the day.

Nutella Burger (IDR 35.000)
Red velvet bun, crunchy Nutella patty topped with assorted fruits. The Nutella patty itself were a unique twist since its crunch added another layer to the dish; yet I don't really favor the combination with the fruit as I wasn't expecting tanginess in eating this particular cake but it do totally add a plus to its detail for aesthetic factor and flavor. The bun were unfortunately a bit dry yet tasted brioche-like as it has a touch of sweetness.

It was a great day nevertheless and I'm happy that the surprise came out as a success, thanks to the people who had been coordinating it since days before. Most important of all is that the birthday girl is happy (I mean, look at that smile!). As for the cakes from Cake-A-Boo itself, it was all delicious and pretty as picutre but I would still love to actually visit the place and grab out their cakes selection from its conveyor belt. There are so many things to try out more!

Ruko Garden House Blok B-22
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
+62 21 29032822