Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Cat Cabin at Kemang

During the Good Friday break my high school buddy and I decided to spend it by visiting The Cat Cabin, a newly established cat cafe that is open in mid-February 2015. As there were two competing Cat Cafes within the Kemang area alone, it took several consideration into choosing The Cat Cabin yet I ultimately pick out this very place due to its more strategic location in the main road and the fact that the staff took my phone reservation very well. We ultimately arrive 30 minutes earlier than our reservation, but it was such a relief knowing that the place were actually not as crowded as expected on a national holiday.

The Cat Cabin was not really huge in size; it is located on the second floor of their venue building (yet it will require you to take the stair two level up) and its entrance firstly will welcome you into their food counter as they sell various types of cat-shaped sweets and other delicacy while at the same time you will be reminded of the place's house rule and the entrance fee to allow you to get started inside the actual cafe that is separated by another glass door to the room -- that you can see earlier customers playing with the cats as you wait. The price for one adult on our arrival is Rp50.000 and Rp35.000 for children for the first hour and Rp35.000 for adult and Rp25.000 for children for every hour you extend.

We did not order any food or beverages, yet some snacks in jars and cups of infused water are available within the restaurant. Be careful as eating inside the actual cafe can get a bit tricky with all the cats surrounding you! 

By the time of our visit, there were about 6 cats playing around with various cutomer in the limited space of the cafe. Its space definitely allows you to move freely with some of your new furry friends however not spacious enough to let you run around without bumping to another customer. In some cases the cats would only center to some particular group of customers and left me hanging (why....) and the store would be seemingly 'empty' in other areas without the presence of the cat. However it is totally understandable as the cats work in shifts and some were taking some good long nap at the time. If you are tired of playing with the cats, grab a book and enjoy reading in peace on their sofas or pick out some props and take a lot of pictures! The place were really cute by its own with its cat-inspired decoration.

I actually had more fun taking pictures with the props than playing with the cats as I actually am not a big cat person and there were not a lot type of cats available to play with. It was definitely and experience and it can be a very relaxing experience to play with these feline friends however it would definitely be best if you really come in when the cafe is short in customer to get more personal  with the cats as the cafe gets crowded really easily, even with its 15 person entry limit. But try for yourself for such an interesting new experience in Jakarta!

The Cat Cabin
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 31
2nd Floor
South Jakarta
+62 21 71795243