Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ayam KQ5 at Mayestik

It was around 7 p.m. at night that my brothers alongside with his girlfiend and my friend went here after a long tiring day spent at Dunia Fantasi. After all the crazy queues and spinning rides, we finally decide to enjoy some humble plate of dishes served here in Ayam KQ5. Despite the questionable name of the restaurant, KQ5 has been my family favorite when it opened in Cipete Raya; however the restaurant in Cipete Raya has now been closed and then moved to this particular location near 19 Junior High School. As we arrived, I immediately ordered my longtime favorite.

Paket Ayam Penyet (IDR 23.000)
With such value, you will get a piece of deep fried chicken in spices, fried tofu, fried tempeh, rice and   a side of lalapan greens. The frying process is done in a really hot oil that you can hear the sound of the oil scorching from the kitchen. The meal is served alongside with sambal korek to complete the idea of a plate of 'ayam penyet' drenched in chili. I requested chicken leg to go in the plate and it is served alongside with the chicken feet which I really appreciate since we would usually have chicken thigh only alongside the drumstick. The whole dish were great as it were all crunchy, umami, and super spicy due to the amount of chili and garlic within its sambal korek. I had two glass of sweet iced tea to counterbalance the spiciness!

Paket Bebek Lombok Hijau (IDR 29.000)
I've never personally ordered duck from KQ5 nor tried the lombok hijau sambal but apparently my older brother really liked it since he almost always order this particular menu in the restaurant. This is also served alongside with fried tofu and tempeh with a steaming hot rice.

The seating in this establishment is divided onto two: with chairs and without (lesehan). The restaurant will be easily spotted with its signture bright green walls. I would definitely recommend the meal served here since the flavor has always deliver! Ayam KQ5 also has numerous branches around the western Indonesia (see here) so it is proven that the food were a favorite amongst many. Order it and have some delicious Indonesian delicacy executed simply yet delicious for I believe I would have numerous other visit in the future.

Ayam KQ5
Jl. Bumi No. 46
South Jakarta
+6221 7262808