Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ied Mubarak 1436 Hijri!


After a whole month of fasting during Ramadan, eid fitri finally comes around! One of the two grandest festivities amongst muslims and greatly celebrated around Indonesia with abundance of promotions and hecticness due to the traffic caused by people going back to their hometown, whereas my family spend the day at home in Jakarta by eating and gathering amongst our extensive family members that visit our house during the day. The perks of being born and raised in Jakarta and lacking a 'hometown' in its definition means that I also got to enjoy the town free from traffic (but not really this year) and get to hang around my family amongst the festivities in a kind reminder for the blessings after the test we've been put throughout Ramadan. A bit of moneybags given here and there doesn't hurt, too ;)

Rice cakes: a mix of both ketupat and lontong.

Gulai nangka, a coconut and jackfruit broth topped with krecek or puffed cows' skin.

Pange' Bawang Balado, a spicy traditional Padangnese beef dish.

Dendeng batoko', a beef jerky kind of dish with green chilis all over!

Petai balado

Jengkol balado

Shrimp balado with skinless petai.

Chicken fried in ginger and turmerick spices

Beef rendang

This post presented several of the Ied dishes I had at home and it was all said to be delicious! I personally did not try all of them due to my preferences (I've never eaten a whole jengkol my whole life due to the odor it has and also causes) but it was certainly dishes worthy for the celebration.

To end this post I would wish you all a
Happy Ied Mubarak!
May we all stay well, blessed, grateful, and enthusiastic for all the things that come up within the future in a new spirit and graces. Apologies for any fault or harmful intentions, for this is the time we shall all forgive and forgave. Have a great time and enjoy the rest of your days off ;)