Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seirock-Ya at Serpong

I've always been curious to try out Seirock-Ya signature chicken broth ramen ever since the Japanese brand opens its first branch at Radio Dalam. Randomly when I was visiting AEON Mall I saw Seirock-Ya near the corner within the Ramen Village area of the mall. Excited to try it out, I finally sat down by one of their benches and began ordering. Unfortunately their signature toripaitan chicken broth were out of stock! It was only 3.00 p.m. so I guess the restaurant really were not ready with their ingredients in amidst their business which is very disappointing. The only ramen option available were the Tokyo ramen, the Hokkaido ramen and one of the spicy version of their ramen. Aside from the toripaitan menu, the gyoza, tsukemen and even their signature orange drink were also not in stock :(

Tokyo Ramen (IDR 42.000)
I personally ordered the Tokyo ramen and it comes in a very subtle broth with hints of shoyu and glazes from the chicken stock. This old school ramen were presented nicely and the toppings were filling and includes a strip of chicken, quail egg, scallions, nori and mushroom. I really liked the texture of Seirock-Ya particular ramen as it is chewy and very smooth. Taste wise it was delicious but not beyond the ordinary.

Hokkaido Ramen (IDR 42.000)
With similar topping as the Tokyo Ramen, this Hokkaido ramen comes in a clearer soup that has a more hitting chicken flavor and its base can be seen as a shio ramen; while the Tokyo-style is served by a shoyu base flavoring. This is my brother's order and I like his ramen in comparison to my own; yet he said the opposite and preferred the kind of ramen broth I ordered instead.

Devil Ramen - Level 1: Angel Pedas (IDR 59.000)
This devil ramen came in a pretty thick broth and very hard-hitting spiciness from chilli seeds. We only ordered the one in its lowest level but the spiciness were already pretty hot. This will make you a bit on the edge of tearing up, but not too spicy that you cannot taste the flavor. If you choose to order the Devil Ramen in its highest level that is Level 5: Devil Pedas, youll get a card as a complimentary award for the challenge as a 'Pedas Master'. But it's just a card so.... yeah, we weren't interested to bet our stomach just yet for that. The other level for this spicy ramen is the intermediate spiciness broth,  the  Level 3: Monster Pedas.

Karaage (IDR 23.000)
The menu calls for four pieces of chunky chicken coated in a batter, fried until golden brown and served hot along with a side coleslaw. The batter were pretty peppery but I think it is what makes the karaage special. The karaage can also be ordered as an add-on for the ramen, priced at IDR 9.000 for two pieces (even a better deal!).

My first visit to Seirock-Ya has yet to satisfy my curiosity since I still want to try out their Toripaitan ramen, their gyoza, and their fresh orange soda served in its own orange rinds. The dishes were overall pretty nice and I'm convinced to go back to its Radio Dalam branch to have plenty of the menu that I missed! Hopefully I can try those out soon and shall it blows my expectation.

3rd Floor (Ramen Village)
BSD Raya Utama
Serpong, Tangerang
+6221 29168115