Friday, July 3, 2015

Big Ramadhan Box from Pizza Hut Delivery

It's been halfway through the holy month Ramadan and I've practically been spending my days either sleeping, going to the gym, and managing an on-campus event. I did not had the chance to go out some more since eating became restricted most hours and the road nearing the iftar time is crazy in traffic, food delivery then seems to be the most feasible option. A fast food junkie, this time I tried out ordering the newest Big Ramadhan Box promo from Pizza Hut Delivery, often shortened as PHD, that slightly differ from its main franchise. The box itself consists of: your choice of pizza, PepChiz, Boneless Chicken Thigh, SilverQueen Soft Cookies, and Chicken Green Rice (instead you can also opt for the Katsu Rendang Rice). As I ordered it online, I got a free bottle of Coca-Cola alongside with two free pannacotas.

Big Ramadhan Box (IDR 160.000)
The Big Ramadhan Box is a twist to one of PHD menu, the 'Big Box' itself. The original offering of the menu offer the Java Satay Pizza instead of the meaty classic topping we had that day; the Chicken Green Rice were another option to the Rendang Katsu Rice.

Thicker than the usual pizza you'll have in Pizza Hut, PHD offer its pizza similar of a pizza bread is since its dough were puffy and thick. The toppings were aplenty and the crust were beautiful although there were no contrast in texture of the crust to the pizza bread base.

I wish I would've stick with the Rendang Katsu Rice instead of the Green Chicken Rice. The particular menu consist of curry rice and citrus chicken. Its overall flavour were really weird! The verrrrry sour chicken seemed grilled but then the skin were so fatty, soggy and oily. The rice itself were okay, but no significant flavor added but the mix just doesn't go well :( However my parents really liked the menu, so I guess taste really is different for everyone.

PepChiz is a play on the word 'pepperoni' and 'cheese' rolled inside of a bread dough, that is later fried. It is accompanied by a salsa sauce that were pretty decent despite the obvious hit of tomato regardless of its name supposedly being a salsa bawang merah with plenty amount of shallots.

5-pieces of Boneless Chicken Thigh in spicy sauce (the options is similar to the Chicken WingStreet menu which are: honey mustard, cheese, barbecue and spicy sauce). It was spicy, but there were a hint of spice that sits a bit bitter. I would rather opt for the barbecue sauce. The reason we didn't pick either the honey mustard and cheese sauce were actually due to the fact that we did order the 10-piece Chicken Wingstreet alongside with the Ramadhan Big Box!

SilverQueen Soft Cookie were nutty, it is served warmed and chewy which I liked. The cookies were fragrant and its texture were good. However the richness might be overwhelming so take control of your portion with these sinful delight!

The two panacotta I got for free were the Choco Smooch Pannacota with rich chocolate mixture topped with slices of Beng-Beng wafers and the Vanilla Kiss Pannacota is topped with a slice of peach. The texture of this pannacota is a bit firmer than your ideal but flavor wise I liked it since it was not too sweet and were delightful when served cold. The vanilla were my favorite out of the two.

10-pieces Chicken WingStreet (IDR 60.000)
A slight price change, the chicken wingstreet were as good as ever. Fried chicken wings drizzled in your choice of sauce. Juicy, sinful and delicious -- the real reason why I would bother ordering PHD in the first place is because of these bad boys, especially in honey mustard sauce.

Imagine how giddy me brother were when we got this label on our Coke bottle.
Happy Ramadhan everyone,
try on this very package and enjoy the promotion while it last!

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