Friday, January 8, 2016

Ruang Seduh at Kemang

Ruang Seduh is located by the room over the courthouse behind ak.'sa.ra. It is located within the same room as Ganara Art Space that is located right across the coffee shop. Ruang Seduh is also a neighbor of an independent film screening establishment, Kinosaurus -- which due to the limited seats within this spot, were used by several some of the consumers as a place to enjoy their coffee. The decor of the place is pretty simple, dominated by all-white furniture and tools. There were not even a door as it directly connects to the hallway.

Choco-Chip Cookie with Sea Salt (IDR 18.000)
It is hard to miss out bakery products from coffee houses as they are the tempting companion of a glass of hot beverage. Out of the options of the readily baked goodness I picked out the chocolate-choco-chip cookie from the display; there was another option of basic chocolate chip cookies which commonly uses vanilla essence. This was rather a delicious piece of chewy cookie! Finished it off pretty quickly and had to hold me back for getting another piece.

Kenya - Asali AA (IDR 40.000)
The Kenya-Asali AA is the coffee bean of choice made by my brother out of the four that are placed on display, provided by the Smoking Barrels Craft Coffee. This variant were said to be the second-lightest option they had here during our visit. The coffee ranges from Rp25.000 to Rp60.000 for a cup of coffee using the Walküre Bayreuth brewery machine. There was another method of brewing that does not use their selection of coffee beans right from the display but it was more flexible as you can choose either an espresso, Americano, latte and such. We had this coffee black. Ruang Seduh has sugar available, but they discourage its usage.

Djamu Ijem (IDR 35.000)
Judas Kitchen's selection of cold-pressed juices and infused water are available at Ruang Seduh's fridge that you can get by your own. It is one of the things about Ruang Seduh that they specialize in hot coffee, except for a variant of pre-packaged Cold Brew from A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers and that variety from Judas Kitchen. I chose the Djamu Ijem mix that consists of ginger, carrots, pineapple, orange, and turmeric. The blend really reminds me of the characteristics of a kunyit asem  (turmeric blend) jamu. It's definitely... something, but still enjoyable anyways.

Ruang Seduh is actually a good alternative place to get a cup of coffee which also uniquely allows you to brew your own coffee upon the guidance from the barista although I personally did not make my own coffee as we trusted the barista on our cup since there were plenty of people on the line and we had to be mindful hehe. Try it out for yourself and enjoy the experience you'll get in here as you stroll around multiple trinkets you'll find all over the area.

Ruang Seduh
Jl. Kemang Raya 8B
South Jakarta