Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Halal Bro's at Southbox, Prapanca

Southbox is a new food venue around Prapanca area. I've been pretty curious about this and I finally visit this place during lunch time. Like all 'it' food venues today, most shops doesn't open the afternoon until late night. Bummer. Thankfully some of the vendors still open but there were only one or two of those, so I finally decide just to try out some food from The Halal Bro's. I have high expectation for the adaptation of halal rice in Jakarta ever since I tried its original in New York City. The one I had back in New York were SUUUUPER GOOD. I still crave for it every now and then, so I'm pretty happy that businesses were trying to recreate the flavor of The Halal Guys' gyro over rice platter consisting of either chicken, gyro and/or falafel on top of a bed of rice. So there I went to try The Halal Bro's take on this.

Chicken and Lamb Over Rice (IDR 58.000)
The Halal Bro's does not promise a copy of the original menu from The Halal Guys. This particular bowl consists of seasoned rice with spices topped with diced chicken, cuts of mutton, a few slices of roti canai and then topped with the white sauce and red sauce that were of a resemblance to The Halal Guys' original menu but the gyro were replaced with canai instead. The dish was served hot, and we were also given a packet of each barbecue sauce and flaming sauce. The flavor reminisces a döner, yet a tangy one -- maybe it is also due to the fact that this dish is also served with cherry tomatoes as well as shredded cabbage and carrots.

The flaming sauce really gives a kick of spiciness to the dish. The mix of all sauces makes this dish a bit more sour and cuts all its richness. The chicken although were dry it is pretty good while the mutton was harder to bite into. The slices of canai got a bit cold when we eat it so I cannot say much -- it doesn't add or change anything from this dish really. This version by The Halal Bro's is a good mix of Middle Eastern flavors, but the flavor is not similar to The Halal Guys. The portion were good for one yet I cannot really determine whether the pricing is a good deal.


Nutella Wrap (IDR 18.000)
This is not exactly a 'wrap' but this dish is soooo good! The dessert consist of a sheet of roti canai right off the pan that has been topped with a good amount of Nutella spread, then is folded into two, cut into bite-sized pieces and topped with vanilla ice cream. For the price you get a good dessert portion that tastes so sweet and very refreshing, especially considering we had it in the midst of a sunny Jakarta afternoon. Would go back just for this dessert, really.

It would be unfair to keep on comparing this to its original but that's the consequence they had to take in taking a twist on such a brand. I would say they serve good food for what they are and the limited menu doesn't stop them from delivering good food. But if you're really eager to have some legit Halal Guys' food into your mouth just be patient as they are opening up an international branch in Jakarta soon. As for The Halal Bro's just give it a try to get a taste to the growing trend of their main dish and tell me what you think! Available during day, very convenient for those of you who want to decide Southbox earlier in the day.

P.S. Yes, I will try that one other establishment in Senayan.

The Halal Bro's
Jl. Prapanca Raya No. 18
South Jakarta