Monday, January 11, 2016

Rumah Makan Ibu Layla at Tebet

Every November 30th or some time around the date, my family would come to RM Ibu Layla because it's my brother's favorite restaurant, like, ever, and he always decided to celebrate it here for a good amount of nasi kebuli kambing or kebuli mutton rice and their delicious sambal goreng ati. The place itself is not too big, only a few small tables here and there and upon a half-wall separator there were two spaces for 'lesehan' seats where you'll sit upon a carpeted floor. It was a simply decorated area, with fans as the only air circulating machine. RM Ibu Layla is located in between a mosque and a mechanic. 

1 Nampan Besar Nasi Kebuli Kambing
This big plate of muttorn rice seasoned with cumin, lemongrass, curry, ginger and the likes of it. The rice is then topped with fried shallots and were topped with pieces of young mutton specifically as Ibu Layla only uses young mutton, six months top, for their kebuli rice. This portion can be suitable for 8-10 people or as I used to say... to whichever amount you'd like. The huge plate is also served with emping crackers, sambal goreng ati and a bowl of achar which you can ask for more. My most favorite thing is their sambal as it enhances the flavor of the rice.

Nasi Kebuli Kambing
This is the personal serving for the mutton kebuli rice. While I can say that the big plate can be consumed by fewer people as recommended, the personal portion of the mutton rice were fulfilling by its own.

Gulai Kambing
This gulai kambing is a rich soup consisting of mutton, emping, shallots, and not much more. This is not as rich as I expect it to be and I wished the soup could've been reduced more and that there were more coconut milk. The mutton served upon the soup and the rice were not stinky at ll as it uses young muttons and cleaned precisely that there were not so much remaining mutton fat on the plate and that the juicy meat can be easily taken off the bone.

Dadar Gule Kambing
The dadar gule kambing tastes like an eggy pancake, it was delicious but it might be bland by its own. The gulai that comes as an accompanying sauce adds another flavor and it is the same soup used on the gulai kambing.

I get why my brother really love this place and I'll consider it as one of the go-to place for nasi kebuli in Jakarta. I might add a little salt or richness here and there but it's still delicious for its authentic Middle Eastern flavors. The ones who manages this restaurant is a family that manages its own production and service so you'll get a great quality of food nonetheless. Shall I wait for another year to get another plate of their kebulis.

Rumah Makan Ibu Layla
Jl. KH. Abdullah Syafei No. 70
South Jakarta
+6221 8314615