Friday, January 1, 2016

Seirock-Ya at Radio Dalam

Happy New Year 2016! As we all are entering a new chapter in our life, this post is one of a food review that is a refreshment to the past experience in trying a halal ramen joint in Jakarta. In the past I've visited Seirock-Ya at AEON Mall (you can read it here) and unfortunately the place were running out of stock quite literally, there was no heavy chicken stock available on that day and only clear soups were available that day as it was quite new. This time, I'm giving Seirock-Ya another shot at their first Indonesian branch within the road of Radio Dalam. I am not disappointed as the quality we had gotten here far excel the one I got on the first try. The chicken broth I was looking for were definitely there and it hits me hard.

Toripaitan Ramen Miso dengan Telur (IDR 62.000)
This particular ramen is served with miso broth and it really delivers the umami goodness of the soup. The hot ramen is served on the table topped with the default topping which includes quail egg, laver, chicken chasiu, menma (bamboo shoots), and choy sum. This order specifically adds another egg as its topping. I've never been overwhelmed by the flavor of chicken before and this definitely surprises me as how frothy the soup is with a heavy blend of white miso and chicken broth in which you can taste the fattiness that most people were looking for in eating pork-based ramen soup.

Toripaitan Ramen Ekstrim (IDR 56.000)
This ramen with the similar topping as the miso ramen is served with added fried shallots and a lemon wedge. The touch of lemon gives this dish an extra acidity and a different layer of flavor which at first surprises my taste bud -- in a good way! I really like this dish, however, I would opt for the miso ramen in other times since I really like the bold chicken flavor that is more apparent in the miso dish despite the 'Ekstrim' ramen uses a similar soup base, as the acidity can get a little bit overwhelming. You can also add some condiment like chili flakes, chili sauce, and pepper available on the table.

Shio Dare Ebi Chahan Special - Half (IDR 26.000)
A half portion gives you a good amount of fried rice mixed with shrimp, chicken and green onion here and there. The flavor is actually very subtle but goes well when added to a side of your choice or even when mixed with the ramen broth. 

Seirock-Ya Special Gyoza (IDR 28.000)
You can choose whether you want the gyoza dumpling to be baked or fried to order. We had it baked and it was one of the most delicious serving of gyoza that I ever had! The thin dumpling is cooked until it is super crispy while its inside is filled with juicy minced chicken and vegetable that is prepared on order. This gyoza may not look the prettiest but I love the flavor and moreover their texture. The gyoza also comes with chili oil, shoyu and another type of oil that also goes well with the ramen and other dishes. I would love to come again even just for their gyoza.

Oyako-Don - Half (IDR 22.000)
This oyako-don is approximately the same size of the chahan but served on a different kind of plate. The steaming rice is topped with chicken cutlet cooked with eggs and onion alongside with its sweet and savory sauce. This looked simple but I really like the flavor. I would love to try a whole portion of their other rice dishes next time as the value of the dish is really worth the amount and quality we're getting.

Fresh Jeruk Soda (IDR 29.000)
This is a unique beverage you'll only find at Seirock-Ya! This drink consists of a glass of soda and a whole orange which its innards has been pressed. You can either directly drink the orange right from its own fruit as its 'glass' or mix it with the soda water which accumulates to an orange soda that tastes sweet and refreshing even without any added sugar.

Green Tea (IDR 9.000)
Free refill

As its original establishment in Japan use this very recipe, we can refer back to Seirock-Ya as one authentic ramen joint. I'm really happy that I give Seirock-Ya another shot and was overall impressed with the place. The service were also fast, but the clean up take some time as our leftover dishes were not picked up until the very end. But overall it was a good dining as the server were fast and cheerful; you can feel the warmth of the restaurant right as you went in as you were greeted by the servers. I had now tried their clear ramen and miso ramen -- and I shall taste the other ramen broth base they offer: the shio ramen and the shoyu ramen. Definitely next time!

Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 9
Pondok Indah
South Jakarta
+6221 29126281