Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nnalar from Lebak Bulus

A couple week back I was spending the day at SouthQuarter around the TB. Simatupang Area and decided to try out a new food place named Food Container along the street of Lebak Bulus, where it is sort of like a food court that is designed within a container, selling numerous type of different foods from different vendors. This sort of food and beverage places is currently growing rapidly around Jakarta from many young entrepreneurs. Many of the stalls you'll find in Food Container are already familiar as they were branches from other trending food spots like Pasar Santa, from curated food bazaars or even a completely new establishment. I tried some of the food there and decided to bring home two dishes from Nnalar, whose famous dish includes gyu tan don that you can customize to your liking.

Crispy Gyu Tan + Veggie Rice + Original Sauce (IDR 60.000)
The crispy gyu tan were one of the newest topping offered from Nnalar, it basically is a serving of slices of beef tongue that is battered and fried. I choose vegetable rice to go along with the crispy beef tongue and then have it topped off with the original sauce which is basically a sweet and spicy soy sauce with slices of chili pepper. This dish is also topped with a sunny side up quail egg, which is a rarity here. As I had it to go, the outer layer of the crispy gyutan had gotten a bit soggy, but the whole dish goes well together. I wished the quail egg weren't overdone as I would like the yolk to be a bit runny, but I guess that's the consequence of having something to go and not having it ready on the spot.

Gyu Tan + Butter Rice + Cheese Sauce (IDR 60.000)
Their ever favorite combo, and so does mine. This dish is even delicious without the residual heat as I still enjoy it by the time I eat it later in the day, it's basically fool proof. The buttery rice goes so well with the savory cheese sauce, it was salty and milky - a good richness that goes well with the  gyu tan which were stir fried in spices upon serving. The flavor of the gyu tan is slightly sweet and I liked ths better than the crispy one as the batter does not deliver the same flavor. The egg is perfectly runny with this one. A good dish and I can definitely see why this is a favorite.

As Nnalar is well known for its rice bowl (don),  I regret not trying other variety. I did try to order chicken skin as topping but they were running out at a time. Also mind that the serving might take a bit long, it almost took me 20-minutes to get these two bowl ready to go. As for the price, it is well worth the portion as the rice were pretty packed and there were plenty of the beef to go around. I cannot say much else about service as I had Nnalar only from this stall; try visiting their Pondok Indah place to get the whole experience. All and all, I would love another bowl from Nnalar.

Note: As I was about to include several information about Nnalar in this post, I found through the Instagram that they are renaming their brand to Onairi. However, links on Nnalar is still accessible and they just basically changed their name. Try give it a visit!

Food Container
Jl. Lebak Bulus Raya No. 30A
South Jakarta