Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mamma Rosy at Kemang

I was frustrated at the time because I cannot find anything open for breakfast service on Kemang Raya at about 10.30 a.m. Places in which I wanted to visit are open on 12.00 o'clock but brunch cafés did not appeal to me at the time. So we continue to drive and looked over Mamma Rosy which already has many car parking on its pavement. Sure that at least this one is open, my brother and I finally have out lunch in Mamma Rosy. We were greeted by the server and were lead to the indoor seats that overlook the garden. It feels very homey and warm, I liked it instantly as it mirrors Mamma Rosy being a family-run establishment.

Thinking back, like, why is it so hard to find an open restaurant? I wanted something hearty, filling and delicious for my Sunday mornings as I stroll around Taman Kemang

Complimentary Bread
Free. Happy. Plenty. Fresh. Warm. Nuff said.

Spaghetti with Ragu' (IDR 99.000)
This is picked out of one of the dry Italian pasta section in which you can pick your own type of pasta and its accompanying sauce. The ragu' pasta was topped with parmesan as all pasta will be served with parmesan cheese (except for the seafood ones). This was cooked normal, but you can opt for an al dente pasta. My brother ordered this because he always loves spaghetti a la Bolognaise, which is what this dish is most similar too. The ragu' were so bright,  you can taste the acidity of the tomatoes all around this dish. I personally would love a richer pasta, but this one is nonetheless a good dish. 

Ravioli Con Aioli (IDR 49.000)
This is one of the appetizer menu, one of the Italian finger food they have here. This menu consists of a mixture of beef and spinach that is filled within a ravioli and then fried until golden brown. The server said that there were supposed to be six pieces of raviolis on the plate but we had another extra hehe. The crispy ravioli is also served with a tartar sauce and chopped parsley. What I think is missing from this dish is a hint of acidity, I would love the tartar sauce to be a bit more tangy. The ravioli itself is delicious, there were plenty of filling to go around. This dish also answer one of my random question: what would pasta taste like when it is fried? Still freaking delicious.

Gnocchi with Funghi Sauce (IDR 99.000)
I picked out the gnocchi as it was freshly made pasta made by Mamma Rosy herself! I had a peek to their kitchen where I see the dishes during the time were made by the eponymous owner of the restaurant. And the flavor really deliver, no wonder people had been raving about the dishes here and why the restaurant is often fully booked. The gnocchi was really soft, had a balance of potato and flour that were not too starchy, and the sauce really coats the pasta really well. Oneee thing is that they have a non-pork version of a carbonara. But heck, even the mushroom served here is super delicious.

Jokowi Smile (IDR 35.000)
I know that you'll cringe as you read the name of this beverage, it's pretty odd and I don't know why it is titled 'Jokowi Smile' for what this dish actually is: a mixture of orange juice and milk. I was told that before my visit, it was previously named 'Governor's Smile'. The reason why I ordered this is simply for its name, as the mixture of fruit and milk in a drink does not appeal to me; I like my juices and smoothies with full-on fruit concentrates. 

(P.S.: can't we also have Ahok Smile somewhere on the menu?)

Jamu Milkshake (IDR 39.000)Deemed to be an energy booster, this milkshake consists of red ginger, white ginger, spices, a slice of lemon and mint that blended with ice cream. This milkshake really gives off a taste of jamu, but sweeter and milky. This will really warm up your insides despite this drink being served cold.

Dining here is very satisfying as the food really delivers on being an authentic Italian family restaurant. We left the restaurant feeling full. I wish I had another visit here to try more  Italian food that was offered here as the variety of the menu is very interesting, especially its antipasti. I would also note that coming here at day would be best as the lighting will come through and that you will enjoy more of the garden area if you were seated outdoors. 

Mamma Rosy
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 58
South Jakarta
+6221 71791592