Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Toodz House at Cipete

Every time I pass by Cipete Raya I always notice that Toodz House parking space will be full with a number of cars and motorcycle parked along the pavement of what used to be a small café-slash-house to become... a bigger café. Toodz House mainly offers coffee as its product, but the rest of the menu were the things that made it famous. I remember people raving about their Carbonara Rice ever since my high school years -- a friend of mine vouched that they've been a loyal customer ever since the place is newly open with just a couple of seats and taking only a little segment out of the owner's house and that he can spend literally a whole day in there and still remains loyal until today. 

Now, Toodz House is almost always full that a reservation is actually recommended (also, GO-JEK are really welcomed! Aside from Cipete being a super GO-JEK-friendly neighborhood, Toodz House actually emphasize people order through GoFood with a sign, a couple month back). Albeit I often come to Toodz House simply for their delicious and affordable meal, their coffee is no joke. The owner of Toodz House was also the one who establishes Tuku, a little coffee shop located around the vicinity. Too bad I'm just not a fan of coffee so I cannot say much on that.

Mushroom Dabu-Dabu Rice - with Sirloin (IDR 40.500)
This dish chosen my brother to consist of garlic rice topped with mushroom and beef sirloin stir-fry in dabu-dabu sauce which dominantly flavored by tomato and pepper. The balance of sweetness and acidity were nice and the mushroom was cooked well that it wasn't watery. The portion is pretty generous for the price and our choice of beef topping. You can also opt for a breaded chicken instead of the sirloin.

Parmesan Rice - Biasa with Chicken Katsu (IDR 36.500)
This is the very signature dish of Toodz House. Back in the day, there's only one variety of this menu -- plain white rice drizzled in creamy carbonara sauce and topped with fried chicken cutlet. Today, this menu is offered with a customizable topping such as breaded dory, spiced grilled chicken, mushroom and basil as well as black pepper beef with egg. Different topping would also alternate the price of this dish, but really what makes this dish is the carbonara sauce. Although it's not an actual traditional carbonara, the cream, the egg, the cheese and everything goes really well in the dish.

Fried Chicken Tartar and Parmesan Rice (IDR 43.000)
This is my current favorite. I'd usually go here after campus and order this very plate of fried chicken fillet, garlic-parmesan rice, tartar sauce and broccoli parmesan because of the big portion and variety in the dish and I just love their fried parmesan-battered broccoli. Everything is very well seasoned and the flavor were not too rich although all of this is basically fried food, mayo, cheese and butter haha. The tartar sauce is sweeter than the ones I've tasted before, but I'd usually cut the sweetness by adding drops out of the lemon garnish.

Banana Juice + Milk (IDR 34.000)
A blend of banana and milk. I wish the banana were riper as I expected this drink to be sweeter. It would also be great if they add a blend of spice into the drink because this is just a very simple drink.

Chocolate Macchiato (IDR 35.000)

Aside from the food and beverages, what stood out from Toodz House is their impeccable service. Each and every one of their servers was quick, attentive and friendly. The only con is that they have limited seatings and it is unlikely to get your table fast since most of the customer here stay for a good time, lounging on the sofa, enjoying speedy WiFi and spending all day near the electric plugs -- no wonder that everyone was all ready to feel at home. Come early if you would try some of their coffee and dishes as they're open as early as 8.00 am every day.

Toodz House
Cipete Raya No. 79
South Jakarta
+6221 75904015