Sunday, April 3, 2016

SRSLY Coffee at Cipete

First thing first, yes, I know the name of this coffee shop is so funny! It made it pretty catchy and even got the attention of my parents as we pass this by: "What does es-er-es-ly means?" and they were baffled to learn that SRSLY were pronounced 'seriously' and wondered what's the deal with youngins and all the slangs they have. Anyways, I got pretty curious about this coffee shop as I pass this almost every other day. Right about last Wednesday my WiFi went down, so I decided to check out SRSLY Coffee by myself. I got in, ordered a drink and a snack to along with it. I then took a sit on the corner of the wide window, facing the street of Cipete Raya and its large parking space.

Flat White (IDR 35.000)
I ordered coffee! What a surprise. I was studying for my midterm term and thought: maybe a cup of coffee will work for a good caffeine dosage. I picked out flat white cofee because I was pretty interested in it after Kevin Kwan's characters talking about it on an Australian cliff. The milky coffee is served pretty quickly to my table and due to my low tolerance to coffee, I added plenty of granulated and brown sugar into the coffee. As for the flat white, I liked the velvety texture of the milk foam -- but I wished there were more. For the coffee itself, it has a nice acidity to it and I'm not going to be nitpicky about it because I'm not an enthusiast myself (I still cannot grasp the concept of third wave coffee movement). 

In case you wonder, the answer is no, the coffee did not have any effect on me. I ended up sleeping right after I got back home, two hour later. It's sad knowing that coffee does not keep me caffeinated in any way -- good thing that I don't really fancy it.

Calamari (IDR 35.000)
Fried squid topped with slices of chili pepper and served with mayonnaise on the side. The calamari were crispy on the the outside and the inside is cooked really well. The taste however needs more seasoning as well as spices; the garnishes doesn't add any flavor to the dish.

Iced Matcha Latte (IDR 39.000)
This green tea latte is pretty simple -- the usual blend of matcha powder and milk. SRSLY Coffee's matcha latte is not overly sweet and you can still flavor the milkiness (they used Greenfields branded milk) and the bitterness of the matcha. The portion is smaller than what I have expected though and it would be better if they sift the matcha to get rid of the brittles in the cup.

I really enjoy the whole space, with white-dominated walls, wooden furniture and random splashes of color on the floor. I regret not taking pictures of the decor because there were many people coming in and out of the restaurant. When the clock strikes 4 o'clock in the afternoon the place got pretty full and loud that I decided to go back home. I will definitely put this place on my to-go list whenever I need to hangout nearby my house, even simply for the ambience.

Jl. Cipete Raya No. 7C
South Jakarta
+6221 7695162