Friday, February 6, 2015

A Brief Trip to Bandung (Part 2)

On the second day in Bandung, my friends and I decided to visit farms and do a little outbound activities. We took a hiking drive to Lembang and was bit lost at the time since we were lacking some sleep due to our extensive late night talks. Firstly we visit Jendela Alam for one of their program which were feeding animals! The entrance fee is 10.000 IDR and the feeding program costs 20.000 IDR that gets you a bucket of carrot to be fed to deers, goats, bunnies, guinea pigs and horses. Jendela Alam itself is sort of like a huge garden filled with different kinds of farm animals and numerous plantation that were used mainly as the display for the edutainment program they had that is targeted for childrens and their family. The place is very serene and calming, would be very suitable for families yet unfortunately there are only limited activities for adults to try out.

After feeding the animals at Jendela Alam we continued to Kampung Gajah, a recreational park nearby Jendela Alam for outbond since my friends were eager to play flying fox (40.000 IDR). I wasn't really into those kind of things and only ended up sharing a buggy with my friends (60.000 IDR for four person max). To enjoy the facilities in Kampung Gajah, you can purchase it by activity or by buying a ticket for the whole area for about 250.000++ IDR, different package even offer an extension to the waterpark area right below the level of Kampung Gajah.

We also had our lunch at one of the restaurant in Kampung Gajah. Some of our order that are pictured below are hash brown, chicken lollipop, fruit salad, sistagor (sausage and french fries) and the snack platter consisting of string cheese, calamari, french fries, and hash brown with salad. We mainly ordered snacks but it was very plenty. You can enjoy the sight of beautiful greeneries from almost every corner of Kampung Gajah.

To close off our trip in Bandung before going back to Jakarta the next day, we went to The Valley Bistro Garden at Dago Pakar during the night. The place is located on the same area with the hotel and restaurants of The Valley Bandung. The place were very romantic as it was dimly lit by candles and 80s music playing in the background adding that the location is within on a hill that offers you the view of the beautiful Bandung skyline.

The meals we had were VERY VERY delicious! At first I was kind of surprised with the listed price of the menu since it is not really within my usual budget but the portion and the flavor of the dishes really proven its worth! Every elements of the dishes were delicious, even for the desserts and beverage. The grilled chicken, the beef tenderloin, the chicken teriyaki and its various sides were all very impressive. We sort of regretted going in near the closing hour since we could've probably stay longer to try out more food.

We are finally going back to Jakarta after two memorable nights spent at Bandung with some good friends. Truly a great thing about travelling is sometimes the factor of the company you're with and mine were awesome, I really had a great time. Having only to visit Bandung several times, next time I would definitely explore more of the city and the other West Java area for some change of scenes and for the sake of experience. Maybe now it's time to plan out for another journey?