Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Brief Trip to Bandung (Part 1)

Near the end of my semester break, three of my high school friends and I decided to go to Bandung to get out for a little white from the bustling Jakarta. To my surprise, the road to and of Bandung was not exactly free from bad traffic, adding the fact that I went on the weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday. It took our car about two and a half hour to get there from our meeting point in Cilandak Town Square. Upon arrival, we firstly went to The Kiosk at Jl. Ir. H. Juanda, Dago for breakfast.

Nasi Bakar Ijo dan Ayam Goreng (IDR 33.000)
The package menu came with grilled rice spiced with fish, basil, onions, shallots and other spices. The chicken is lightly coated with shreds of ginger and served alongside with sayur asem soup and pepes tahu. Never been a big fan of any kind of pepes (shredded protein, in my case tofu, cooked inside banana leaves along with spices upon a grill), but I liked the idea of the soup using small corns. The dish itself were okay overall, I would rather eat just the grilled rice since it is good on its own. Would be best if this came out hot. I kinda regret ordering this instead of kupat tahu that my friends all ordered since it doesn't reach my expectation.

The Kiosk itself is food court offering various Indonesian food (many of which are Sundanese) separated by section stalls. The place feels a bit old school with it's dominating wooden elements surrounding the place, but I have no complaints since the vibe were serene and clean. Here, on the spot, we thought of continuing our day at Trans Studio Bandung. The entrance ticket price is 170.000 IDR since we came on the weekday and allows you to experience every ride within Trans Studio Bandung. The price excludes the basic card priced at 5.000 IDR since the system is by topping up credits into your card that will be used for ticket and for any expenses you make inside the Trans Studio recreation arena, but you're good if you had a card and even remaining credit balance from your previous visit.

I am not really an adrenaline junkie so I was pretty fine with rides that is available for all ages and all height; but do not worry since every rides here are family friendly. I was actually most excited exploring the Science Center since the displays were informative and interactive, and the guides were really helpful and fun! 

Or maybe I'm just THAT nerdy. 

Exploring the whole theme park does not take a long time, especially on a weekday where most of the lines were almost non-existent. The downfall in visiting on a weekday is that the performances were not displayed as frequent that we missed a lot and ended up not attending any of the show. But we were pretty satisfied with the rides by itself. We were pretty exhausted by the afternoon and  we walked out to then continue to the neighboring Trans Studio Mall. I suggest you eat before of after going into the theme park at the mall instead since it is more convenient and debatably cheaper. The mall also had many good, well-known stores and is very convenient. Some Trans Studio park souveniers can also be found at the mall and it wouldn't require you to fill up the credit using their card that were unrefundable and is a fuss to top up since you have to go to selected counter first to fill the credit up.

We then continue to our staying place in Bandung in the Dago area. The journey took some quite of a traffic since it was also raining hard at the time. We ended up being tired even to go out for dinner and ended up ordering McDonald's and excitedly awaits for the next day!