Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Soto Ayam Pak Man at Sagan, Yogyakarta

Soto has been a pretty popular breakfast menu around town and whilst enjoying my time in Yogyakarta I tried on one of the famous soto joint at Sagan. Soto Ayam Pak Man opens from 06.00 a.m. so we came around that time only to find most of the table already filled with people. The humble cart is located on the side of the road but takes quite a space as it forms a long line of tables. After we got seated, we directly ordered the soto ayam (chicken soup) from the very straightforward menu, with an option to use innards on our warm bowl of soup. 

Soto Ayam + Nasi (IDR 7.000)
The soto ayam consists of shredded chicken, fried potato mash (perkedel or bergedel as the local said it), rice, chicken broth, beansprout, green onion, corriander, fried shallots amongst others. The broth were savoury, steaming and generous. The whole dish has great play on texture as there were great amount of diced chicken of numerous part such as the thigh and skin; very delicious. With all the generosity, it comes with a very decent pricetag that will make you recalculate and rethink whether or not you're spending money for a meal that's really worth it because this joint proves than decent pricing can equate to decent quantity and quality altogether.

The usual kerupuk uyel (yup, I just knew that this white cracker or kerupuk bawang's proper name is actually kerupuk uyel) comes in a rather unusual square-shape that I've never seen in Jakarta but sure as delicious with way lesser price.

Sate Usus, Sate Rampela (IDR 1.500)
Chicken intentines and chicken heart-liver served on a satay stick. Fried in its salty goodness with a hit of sweetness from the blend of spices marinating it before the cooking process. The intestine turn out crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Goes very well in your soup or by its own, my favorite whenever available.

The portion was plenty that I was pretty full despite wanting another bowl of the very soup. I visitd on a Monday morning and seats were packed pretty fast so come early as they open only from the morning until the early afternoon.

Soto Ayam Pak Man
Jl. Profesor Dr. Yohanes
Sagan, Yogyakarta