Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jejamuran at Sleman, Yogyakarta

En route to the Borobudur Temple, you can see a sign of Jejamuran by the side of the road pointing through the restaurant. Supported by many recommendations found online, we decided to go here on a beautiful Monday afternoon and come with the restaurant front being filled with plenty of people yet with enough room in the back for a whole lot other party to come. The place was decorated simply with touches of old-school Indonesian design dominated by wood. Upon the entrance left there were several cashier register with the kitchen behind them. Located near various plantations, the breeze came in through to the restaurant and also added with a fan for every number of tables. It's name Jejamuran truly stays with their main ingredient: jamur or mushroom.

The menu were pretty simple, several variety of dishes with mushroom as its main protein. This place is very vegetarian-friendly since I didn't find any hint of meat from any of our order (I am not sure about the stocks though, try consulting to the staff first). As I was waiting for my food, I decided to take a look around to see the kinds of mushroom this place have and to take an easier guess in what kind of food I'll be having in here.


After looking around for a couple of minutes, our food finally arrived minutes after the drink does. Even some of the beverages here are made with some mixture of a mushroom. Definitely an interesting concept! 

Jamur Goreng Tepung (IDR 11.000)
The battered meringue mushroom is fried until it has a crispy consistency, served with chili sauce. The deep dried mushroom makes an easy appetizer to share. It's pieces were small and makes it easy to nibble that it was goon within minutes. This is very well seasoned but may have been one of the most 'boring' order we had since you can find fried mushroom in many places -- but certainly this does not disappoint.

Tongseng Jamur (IDR 26.000)

Firstly look at that thick broth! The usual mutton curry were given a twist by having its main ingredient replaced by mushroom. I did not try this personally but everyone else on the table said that this was their favorite of the day, very rich and flavorful.

Lumpia Isi Jamur (IDR 3.500)
The name says it all: it is a piece of lumpia filled with mushroom. It's wonton-like skin wraps the mushroom and then fried until crispy. Yet this lumpia was not really crispy by the time I ate it, but generally has a nice flavor to it and it's texture is not too different from the usual vegetable lumpier. It is served with chili (cabe rawit).

Cup Jamur Merang (IDR 25.000)
Correct me if I'm wrong since I'm not sure whether or not this is actually a cup of merang mushroom.This is a dried mushroom snack purchased at the store. Very crunchy, small, and has a very earthy fragrant. Would be best if you add more salt to it since I don't think there were plenty of seasoning to go around with this.

Sate Jamur (IDR 16.000)
HANDS DOWN THE BEST DISH IN HERE! The grilled satay consist of two-types of mushroom that I forgot which, portioned in five sticks that makes a portion. I asked for a second plate since it was just so delicious! Texture wise it almost resembled chicken skin, very chewy and jelly-like but with grill char all over for added texture. The peanut sauce were very savory with bits of sweets that are not overpowered with sweet soy sauce. Also, look at those chilis! I ordered this one to be hot and can feel the subtle spicyness as I gobbed this thing down. This is such a great idea and it makes me wonder: why haven't I think of this before?

This is Indo Saparella, my new favorite drink. Similar to the root beer mass-product but were produced locally. The bottle were unique and priced for IDR 8.500 in Jejamuran.

Dadar Shiitake (IDR 15.000)
Omelette served with shiitake mushroom. The mushroom in every portion were pretty generous, including in this one. The added chives makes the egg fragrant and it was very fluffy.  A note to Jejamuran is that the packaged chili sauce was not really practical during meals, so there better be some other ways to serve condiments in a better paltform.

You can find a mushroom plantation near the back of the restaurant as well as a little store selling variety of packaged mushrooms you can purchase and bring back home (or directly eat on the spot -- we don't judge!). The restaurant also has a prayer room as well as restrooms. Definitely family friendly and also accessible for the disabled since the restaurant also has numerous wheelchair available. This is a detail I've never find in any restaurant before, knowing this makes this restaurant really applausable for that kind of attention to their consumers. This makes Jejamuran a very great pitstop as it is actually located in the middle of a road surrounded by green fields, but the quality of the service, the reasonable price, and the flavor of the food they had here kept people coming in. On my other visit to Yogyakarta I would definitely put Jejamuran on my list.

Niron, Pandowoharjo, 
Tridadi, Kec. Sleman
DI Yogyakarta 55512
+62 27 868170