Saturday, February 28, 2015

LOKAL Restaurant at Jembatan Merah, Yogyakarta

LOKAL Hotel & Restaurant has been a local buzz amongst many travel purveyor in Indonesia as its offer a modern lodging with hints of local hospitality of Yogyakarta. The notorious 'Jogjakarta' mural on its 80-seat restaurant can be seen featured in many magazines, which leads me there during a short trip I had to Yogyakarta. The hotel and restaurant joint that is located next to one another is not too big; the parking can hold only a couple dozen of car or so. The hotel itself is a boutique hotel, only offering 12 available rooms and not located on a big street. Going to LOKAL is one of my main priority, going to Yogyakarta and I finally made it there yet unfortunately I did not stay at this particular hotel -- but the hint I got from seeing the restaurant and its exterior leaves a very good note.

Complimentary snacks I took as we are waiting for food. 

Snack Platter (IDR 21.000)
The appetizer sharing platter consists of fried calamari, fried chicken wings, and corn fritter (bakwan jagung). The said to be signature dip is a brown sauce that is sweet and tangy with a touch of tamarid, served alongside with ketchup. The fried dish were crispy and not at all oily. A good opener to the meal in its plentiful portion.

Nasi Goreng Roa (IDR 24.000)
The fried rice is cooked alongside with North Sulawesi's spicy roa fish delicacy, topped with egg and served alongside with crackers, achar and chicken satay drizzled with peanut sauce. The peanut sauce and roa combo might've been weird as it clashes in flavour but it becomes an oozing soothing sweetness to have in the midst of eating the rice. The chicken were cooked really tender and juicy and the achar were seemingly homemade and not overpowering. However the crackers has gotten a bit soggy but despite that, the flavor of the roa fried rice itself were super super delicious! It was the right amount of spicyness and savouriness coming from the handful of roa served in the plate. This dish is everyone's favorite of the day as it is both bold and well-balanced.

Caramelized Apple Cuts (IDR 18.000)
The sweet apple glazed in generous amount of camael sauce serves as a base to a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled in a homemade strawberry sauce and garnished with mint leaves. This dessert is incredibly delicious, very sweet and aromatic and the play on the texture were marvelous. Sadly this dessert wasn't all mine, but even trying a bit off its taste made me fell in love!

You can access the menu here
Check the availability with the staff as some of the food is no longer available for service :(

The smoking area is decorated with tiles and wall art inspired by Yogyakarta's very own signature batik kawung motifs. Love this very particular detail!

Teri Balado Pizza (IDR 45.000)
The sweet-spicy-salty pizza took the longest to make that it actually becomes our closing meal. Aside from the speed of this dish particular service, the flavour serves it justice. The pizza is smothered with tomato margherita sauce, mozzarella cheese and topped with chili flakes and of course the anchovies itself. The flavor were unique and holds a true sense of LOKAL's attempt in modernizing many Indonesian traditional food through ways such as this kind of fusion. I took a slice and wanted a second, but I gotten really full already -- if only they were served to time with the other meal.

It was a very great visit, coming to LOKAL. It opens early and has a breakfast menu option too, if you're interested. Coming for an early-lunch here were a very fulfilling experience and was not disappointed. The kitchen can be seen through its minimalistic counter as well though a window in the smoking area (by the way, their smoking area is fully conditioned, too!). The place is very comfortable for hanging out or even business meetings as it open in long hours. The price were very decent, especially considering this is jointed with a hotel and it comes with a decent service. Next time, I would also love to stay to the hotel and try to explore more from LOKAL Hotel and Restaurant establishment and its vicinity.

LOKAL Restaurant 
Jl. Jembatan Merah No. 104C
Yogyakarta 55283
+62274 5234334