Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jeju Ice Cream at Gandaria

After having lunch in Gandaria City, I spotted Jeju Ice Cream stand at the same upper ground floor as the restaurant I had lunch in beforehand. It is located nearby BCA Electronic Banking Centre and its stall stood next to Maqui's macaron stand (which I gotten an interest of, but didn't get to try it by the end). Jeju Ice Cream has been pretty popular on social media platforms with its pictures popping here and there due to its very unique shape of 'cone' that were usually in the shape of the letter J, U, and V. Jeju Ice Cream can be commonly found in the many bazaar around town; yet my first time were actually in one of its actual outlet. Out of curiosity, I finally tried one out!

At the time of my visit, there were only the 'J' shaped cone available as well as two flavor of ice creams: vanilla and chocolate. Supposedly there are other flavors such as green tea but weren't available at the time. Upon service, the soft serve ice cream is inserted into the long tube and then decorated by the staff with sprinkles, chocolate and cereal that tries to resemble a face. So cute!

Jeju Ice Cream (IDR 20.000)
I asked for vanilla ice cream to fill the longer end of the stick. In cases of this 'uneven' cone fillings, pick your favorite one out! I finished my share of Jeju ice cream with a delicious vanilla flavor. The two ice cream also does not really mix inside the cone; yet your bites will always be filled with the soft serve ice cream since it really goes through to the end of the cone. The ice cream were sweet and does not easily melt away which is helpful when you have that kind of cone as its base. My vanilla pick were just right because I prefer it over the chocolate (just my preference though). The cone itself reminded me so much of Momogi! The corn flour adds a hint of savoriness. One thing about the cone is that they were a bit chewy and not as crunchy as I expected them to be.

Across the stand there were this digital screen of Gandaria City directory that also act as a Photo Booth. My friends and I decided to take a photo here as we were waiting for our ice cream. This makes us a bit shameless hehe. I was overall pretty happy and my visit pretty much fulfill my expectation of Jeju Ice Cream. Weeks after visiting, I actually tried out another serving of Jeju Ice Cream at 3.0 Musical Culinary Festival and the ice cream were priced at IDR 22.000 -- still a good deal in my opinion. I would love to try out more shapes and flavor from Jeju Ice Cream as getting one itself has already been an experience!

Jeju Ice Cream
Gandaria City Upper Ground
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Lama,
South Jakarta